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Like all criminal outfits, these gangs are on guard for police infiltration.

Biker gangs / "patch clubs"

Some chapters even invest in a lie detector. Falco, however, managed to avoid this when a gang he joined put him in charge of their background checks after its president pocketed the money intended for his. In a Highlander-esque system, only one gang can rule a state at a time, so donning a state claimed by another gang is seen as a serious provocation. There had been some stabbings, minor violence and assaults, and it escalated to this point. It seems the polar opposite of the Easy Rider dream of bikers as free-wheeling incarnations of American liberty.

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They come out of the military and they seek battle again, and biker gangs are good outlets to do that with. So what are the benefits?

Does their control over large swathes of territory bring untold riches, like some Harley-riding Tony Montana? The reality is more mundane — like some tinpot gang of fascists, violence is its own end.

Biker slave

This site contains affiliate links to products. In August of , a formal agreement between the men of Winnipeg, Canada and the men of Princeton, Minnesota was founded. It was agreed that they would share a covenant together. They would pray for one another and honor one another in accordance with the Scriptures.

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Each club maintains its own anonymity and territory but shares membership privileges with each other. The Bond-Slaves MC today are active in their respective states, churches, events and also prison ministries.

The Night Wolves MC: Vladimir Putin's motorbiking militia of Luhansk - Guardian Docs

Our focus is on fellowship, accountability, riding our motorcycles and most importantly, to share the revelation of Jesus Christ's power in or personal lives for others to witness. As Bond-Slaves, we love to ride, ride hard, We love to feel the wind in our faces and the freedom of the open road.


We are here, not to please man, but to please God.