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W hat questions do you have about Genesis? Post them in the comments! Photo courtesy of Flickr user whatmattdoes. CBE advances the gospel by equipping Christians to use their God-given talents in leadership and service regardless of gender, ethnicity, or class. Learn More. View the discussion thread. Mutuality vol. CBE respects your privacy. Any personal information we collect will be used only internally to serve you, our customers and members, more effectively Read more. Jump to Navigation. CBE International. User Login My account Register. Genesis 4 Why did Abram travel to Egypt?

Genesis 5 What did Abram tell his wife to do in Egypt? Genesis 2 What did Abram do at Bethel? Genesis 4 What did Abram talk over with Lot? Genesis 5 What kind of people lived at Sodom? Genesis 7 Where did Abram build an altar unto the Lord? Genesis Genesis Chapter 14 1 Where were the people at war when Lot was captured? Genesis 2 What did Abram do when he heard that his brother Lot was taken captive? Genesis 3 Who was Melchizedek?

Genesis 5 What request did the king of Sodom make to Abram? Genesis 2 Why did Abram want a son? Genesis 3 What did God promise Abram for his descendents? Genesis 2 What did the angel tell Hagar to do? Genesis 3 What was t he name of the well where God appeared to Hagar? Genesis 4 Who was named Ishmael?

Genesis 5 How old was Abram when Ishmael was born? Genesis 5 What did God promise for both Isaac and Ishmael? Genesis 6 How old was Abram and Ishmael when they were circumcised? Genesis Genesis Chapter 18 1 Who did Abraham teat as guests? Genesis 3 When the men left Mamre, and talking to Abraham, where did they go? Genesis 4 Why did God say he would go to Sodom and Gomorrah? Genesis Genesis Chapter 19 1 When the two angels appeared unto Lot, what did they tell him? Genesis 2 What did the angels tell Lot and his family as they hastened them out of Sodom and Gomorrah?

Genesis 3 After Lot and his family escaped, what did the Lord do? Genesis 5 What two nations came from the descendants of Lot? Genesis Genesis Chapter 20 1 Where did Abraham live when he said the second time that Sarah was his sister? Genesis 3 What did God say to Abimelech in his dream in verse six? Genesis 4 What did God tell Abimelech to restore Abraham in verse seven? Genesis 5 What did God say that Abraham was in verse seven? Genesis 6 What did God say would happen to Abimelech in verse seven?

Genesis 8 When Abraham prayed for Abimelech and his family, what did God do for them? Genesis 2 What was to be done to Isaac when he was 8 days of age? Genesis 5 Where did Hagar take Ishmael? Genesis 6 When Hagar became tired, what did she do with the child Ishmael? Genesis 7 What did God promise Hagar? Genesis 8 What did God reprove Abimelech about? Genesis 9 Why did Abraham name the well Beer-she-ba?

Genesis 2 Who carried the wood for the sacrifice of Isaac? Genesis 3 What did Isaac ask his father concerning the sacrifice? Genesis 6 What was offered for the burnt offering in verse thirteen? Genesis 7 What is the name of the place where Abraham was going to sacrifice his son Isaac? Genesis 8 What was the covenant that the Angel of the Lord blessed Abraham and all his seed with?

Genesis 9 What was the reason that God blessed Abraham? Genesis Genesis Chapter 23 1 How old was Sarah when she died? Genesis 2 What was the name of the place and land where Sarah died? Genesis 3 Where was Sarah buried? Genesis 4 How much did Abraham pay for the burying place, for his wife? Genesis 3 What did Abraham tell his servant that Cod would do? Genesis 12 When the servant told Isaac all the things that had been done, what did Isaac do? Genesis 3 How old was Abraham when he died? Genesis 4 How many sons were born to Ishmael?

Genesis 5 How old was Ishmael when he died? Genesis 6 When Rebecca asked God about her condition what did God tell her? Genesis 7 How did Jacob and Esau differ in appearance? Genesis 8 How did Jacob and Esau differ in temperament? Genesis 9 Why did Esau sell his birthright to Jacob? Genesis 2 How did God abundantly bless Isaac?

Genesis 3 When Isaac became rich, what did the king ask him to do? Genesis 4 What kind of contract did King Abimelech ask Isaac to make with him? Genesis 5 What happened when Isaac made the treaty with Abimelech? Genesis 6 When Esau was forty years old, who did he marry? Genesis 2 What did Rebekah ask Jacob to do to deceive his father? Genesis 3 What did Rebekah promise Jacob? Genesis 4 When Jacob explained why he had gotten back so quickly, did Isaac believe him? Genesis 5 What did Isaac tell Jacob to do with the venison? Genesis 6 What blessing did Isaac give to Jacob?

Genesis 8 When Esau was so distressed at what his brother had done, what did Isaac tell him? Genesis 9 How did Esau feel toward his brother Jacob? Genesis 10 What did Rebekah tell her son Jacob to do? Genesis 11 What did Rebekah tell Isaac about Jacob finding a wife? Genesis 2 How did Isaac and Rebekah feel about the canaanite girls? Genesis 3 Who did Esau marry after Jacob left for Padan-aram? Genesis 4 Jacob left Beer-sheba and traveled toward Haran. Genesis 5 Who did Jacob see at the top of the stairs?

Genesis 6 What did God promise Jacob in his dream? Genesis 7 When Jacob woke up from his dream, what did he say? Genesis 8 What did Jacob do with his head rest? Genesis Genesis Chapter 29 1 What did Jacob ask the men at the well? Genesis 2 How did Jacob greet Rachel? Genesis 3 What was the wage agreement between Laban and Jacob?

Genesis 4 What did Jacob discover after the wedding? Genesis 3 Leah had two more sons and a daughter. What were their names? Genesis 5 What did Laban admit that God had done to him because of Jacob? Genesis 6 What did Jacob ask of Laban for his hire? Genesis 4 How long did it take Laban to catch up with Jacob?

Genesis 5 What did God tell Laban in a dream? Genesis 9 Who did Jacob give the praise for his good fortune? Genesis 10 What sort of covenant was made between Laban and Jacob? Genesis 2 To whom did Jacob send messengers? Genesis 3 What did the messengers report to Jacob? Genesis 4 What was the most important thing Jacob did after hearing Esau was coming to meet him? Genesis 5 What was the present Jacob sent to Esau?

Genesis 6 Who did Jacob meet when he was alone? How does it function with God's omniscience? What are different. How do Adam and Eve readily confess their sinful actions but try to. How is that similar move made. What role did cursing play in the ancient Near East and in the rest. Is the curse on the serpent Gen. Does the serpent stand for sin, death and the power of evil.

Does the serpent stand for Satan? How early. How is this passage interpreted. Is there a fuller sense that develops later in the history of redemption?

The Book of Genesis Question by Question

Were Justin ca. What is the "woman's desire for her husband" Gen. Is female. Is her desire what subjects her. Is her desire a desire to dominate her husband? Should the curse be accepted. Does the verbal parallel with Gen. What role does this verse play in the dialogue with. Does this verse tell us what roles of women were. Is Vogels right when he says what kills the. Biblica, Wenham, f. What play is made with "eating" in the curse of Adam Gen. How is the futility.

How is such futility seen in our post-modern. Was death part of the curse? Was there death before. What play is seen in the naming of Eve right after Adam was cursed. What does that reveal about how Adam looked at Eve. How is God's provision of clothes another indication of God's tender. How does the idea of needing. Could and did humans eat of the tree of life prior to being expelled from. Did the tree of life magically give life?

Cherubim guard the way to the tree of life. Where elsewhere in. Scripture are cherubim seen and what roles do they play in those. Was the flaming sword. In what way did they die on the day they ate the. How is that connection between sin and consequence seen elsewhere in. Scripture esp.

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How did. What struggles are seen in Genesis between an older and young. Where else in Genesis is the. How does God use rhetorical questions with Cain Gen. What other. Cain and Able story? What contrasts are seen in Gen. What euphemism occurs in Gen. What other topics does the Bible. How do we use them today? How does the meaning of Abel's name foreshadow what will. Why was Cain's offering rejected and Abel's accepted Gen. What is God's relationship to blood in Gen. Scripture cf. Why do people cry out to God?

Who are some biblical examples of people that cried out to God. In what other. When it says the one hurting Cain would be punished sevenfold is. How and when are hyperbole's used? Who founded the first cities in the biblical text Gen. Eridu and the seven apkallus? What is the point of Genesis linking. How is Cain condemned to wander yet he is the first city.

How are cities viewed in the biblical narrative? How is Lamech like his father Cain? What father-son parallels in. Does that fit modern. In the song of Lamech how is Hebrew poetic parallelism seen between. Did Lamech know Hebrew and did he understand. Hebrew poetry? How was this poem written? What progression is seen. Cain's evil play out elsewhere in Scripture Jude 11; 1 Jn ff? Seth is born and named as a simple paronomasia Gen. What is that. Genesis and elsewhere? What do people's names mean today? How does the Sumerian flood story parallel the genealogies of. Cain nomadism, city-building and institution of public worship; Gen.

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How does the Sumerian flood story parallel the long lives of the. The last person in the Sumerian flood story. What differences are there between the king lists and the genealogies. How does cultural. Genesis account. Where else in Scripture does it talk about books. How do such works fit with the notion of. Scripture being divinely inspired? How was Enoch special? How does Enoch relate to the extra-canonical. How does Enoch fit with the ancient sage Utuabzu. Which other fathers besides Noah father 3 sons in Genesis? How are the long life spans of the Genesis 5 genealogy explained?

How do the ages different between the Hebrew Masoretic text, the. Greek Septuagint and the Samaritan Pentateuch? For example, the. MT has the flood coming in after Adam, the Samaritan Pent. Which text tradition is right? No matter how long they. Who were the sons of the God that married the daughters of men Gen. Wenham, ff. See difficult questions. How does Scripture. Wenham, f cf. How does the story of Noah compare and contrast to the Gilgamesh. Who were the Nephilim in Genesis cf.

Bible Study: 20 Questions on Genesis Quiz - By beforever

Num ; Ezek. What kind of commentary is Gen. What are the religious, political, sociological,. Is total depravity. Is it the only way. Is "total" a theologically. God cf. What role does a healthy tension play in this. How does one balance these two important aspects or. Is it possible for God to. If God can't change his mind what does that imply about. Is God's thinking fossilized and static or dynamic and.

Is Gen. Is this theological. Why do certain theological. What is the significance of saying that God had regrets and sorrow? Are there tears in heaven? Wenham, ; Fretheim, Does the following structure of B. Anderson for the flood story. Transitional intro How would you finish the structure coming back out? Is there any historical or scientific evidence to corroborate the flood.

How is Noah's relationship with God described Gen. What does the phrase "walk with God" mean and where have we. Fretheim, In Genesis , how is the corruption of the land described? What is the connection between human morality and the inanimate. Does human evil transcend the boundaries of. How has the word "hamas" which is used to describe the violence on. What was the. How do the dimensions of the biblical ark compare to the dimensions. How were the. How does the promise of the covenant in Gen. When God announces the destruction of the Israelites to Moses,. How does that differ with Noah's.

How do both of their responses embrace. How do you harmonize the description of taking animals two by two in. How would Noah have known which animals were clean and unclean. How do Gen. What point does that make. In the chronology of the flood, how does the following pattern play. How does the time limit of the flood contrast with the lack of spatial. How is God's remembering the turning point in the flood narrative. How is his remembering connected to the anticipated. What does it mean for God to remember?

The divine wind reverses the chaotic flood Gen. How does the order in which the birds are sent out of the ark compare. How is God's reception of Noah's sacrifice in Genesis different. What does that say about the differences. How is one to view the relationship of Genesis to the ancient. Near Eastern epics? Is it appropriate to see Genesis as a polemic.

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Fretheim says Israel. To what extent is. When in Gen. How is Noah's relationship with God mediated. Freitheim, How are the words of Gen. How do these two. Did the. What did change? How is the evil inclination of humankind seen on an individual and. What attempts are made to downplay, igrnore or. The embracing of chaos functioned in at least two ways in the. Was the. How does the "recreation" post-flood. What elements of continuity are there between the.

How is it [are we]. How does the notion of the remnant play a role in God's dealing with. How does the flood balance judgment and. What role does the flood story and flood imagery play in the. How does the flood fit into. Fretheim says the "flood should never be used as a type or illustration. The flood has a unique character, frozen in place.

What nuances is Fretheim. How does Fretheim's approach fit with a post-modern. Fretheim, f. How are the images of God developed in the flood story Gen. How does the flood story recharacterize. God's relationship with the world? The "tortured relation between a. Does human evil cause God to.

What does such a. God says no more floods to restrain evil? What means will he employ. How will societies. What are the ecological implications of the flood Gen. How are. Fretheim, ? Where elsewhere in Scripture is God's deliverance through watery. In Genesis 9, how do the roles of God as blesser and God as promiser. Is Noah a new Adam? How are things very different post-.

How was the relationship between man and animals changed? Does Gen. How does the promissory. Does the bow come into existence in Gen. How is this sign of the covenant different than. Who does this. If God gives himself such "reminders" what does that. How was the bow viewed in the. God transform that meaning from war to peace, hope and restraint in. Is God's remembering a merely mental. How does God permanently restrain his power in light of. Fretheim, f, Fretheim objects to the saying "God gave Noah the rainbow sign --no.

Is his perspective valid given the. How is one to think about the possibility of. What are the ecological implications of the promise of Gen. What are God's promises to the non-human part of his. What was Ham's illicit act in Gen. Why is Canaan , Ham's son,. Why does Noah call Ham his youngest when apparently he is. Is there a connection between the curse on. Canaan and the Canaanite conflict that develops in the book of. Does the slavery curse of Noah have anything to do with the.

Why is that totally illegitimate? How does the OT and NT relate to the institution of slavery? How does Noah's nakedness tie back to Gen. What is one of the. How was nakedness viewed elsewhere in. What is the connection between an individual and his. How is this corporate way of looking at things. How does Noah's taking of the divine blessing grapes actually be. How are God's blessings and. The Genesis 10 genealogy is the fourth toledot "this is the account of". Which of these father-nations connections are. Can these father-nation links be. Can ch. How is the relationship of ch.

Babel itself ? Is the relationship between the chapters. What other times of history does the centralization, building and. Are there apocalyptic parallels? How does centralization and. In what ways does evil manifest itself beyond the individual level. How does corporate, national or social sin function? Can such. Is there one. How is such centralization and unity synched with John Lenon's song. What is the dark sides to unity or for that matter. What are their ideal aspects? What happens when one. How is unity a.

Why was the tower built with bricks instead of stones? Why did. Mesopotamian ziggurats not use stone cf. Egypt , Canaan? Can the. What contrasts are there? What is the connection between building a building and making a. What divine plans does the centralization stand in. How do the words and fears of the inhabitants of Babel become their.

What is the significance of that? What does that imply about. What does "coming down" symbolize? What do. What are the implications? What does " Babel " mean? Genesis How are these two sections connected? Abraham's family play a role in reclaiming creation from chaos God's. Fretheim, ff. What role do the doublings play in bonding and developing the. What disruptions in Abraham's family precede the divine call in. Is Abram's call exclusive election restricting God's focus to one family. What role do altars, trees and stones play in the patriarchal narratives.

God and the patriarchs Gen. How is the theme of blessing developed in the patriarchal narratives. How are the patriarchs mediators of God's blessings on all. How does the notion of blessing work with. What roles will "blocks". How does Abraham's pilgrimage and journey become a paradigm for. How is the. Christian life seen as journey different from the Christian life.

How is the Abrahamic story universalized and transformed by the. New Testament writers Gen. Wilson's, Our Father. Abraham Cf. Rom 4, Gal. How are the three stories of wife-as-sister similar and different. Whenever there was a famine in Canaan where did people. Besides Abraham in Gen. Does pharaoh consummate the marriage with Sarah Fretheim says:. How does this story contrast with the same story with. Where else in Scripture do we see a murder is arranged. Does that ever happen today? How does this move. How does God deliver Sarah? When will we.

Answers to the Top 50 Questions about Genesis, Creation, and the Flood

Is Abram in this narrative to be seen as. Is he to be. Does gender effect one's interpretation. What is the overall point of the story? Is everything the. How does one tell what is morally normative and what is merely. What parallels may be seen between Abraham's trip to Egypt Gen. What is the link between the person and prefiguring the nation? Who does Pharaoh blame? What roles do famines play in the biblical narratives Gen. How is it Abram is in the promised land and there. When there are famines in the promised land how does. Abraham scramble? How do we? What types of things today function.

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How is the story of Gen. How is a hinge verse? How does the quarrel in and over the promised land give way to. What implications does this. Where else are. By offering Lot the choice of land does Abraham put the. How do God's blessings create difficulties sometimes? Abram's prosperity and Lot conflict Fretheim, How does Lot fit into the lack of a son and the leaving of family.

What factors effect Lots choice of the land by Sodom? Why is the land of Sodom likened to Eden and Egypt ? Was Eden still known at. How is Sodom not like Eden? How will this new. Does place and location shape life,. How is ecological disaster related to wickedness linking the creation. How does the story of Abram's rescue of Lot link him to the later. How does this military story. How is. Abraham's military alliance with the inhabitants of the land very.

How does ch. Abram as deliverer a new role for him?