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Helena was home to a thriving fishing village for much of the 19 th century. Steamships stopped at St. However, dangerous shoals extend from the east and west ends of the island, imperiling vessels attempting to reach the safety of the harbor. To warn sailors of these dangers, Congress approved funding for a new light station on St. Additional structures, including an oil house, wharf, and boat house, were added in the s. Old Mackinac Point as it appeared in the s, when brothers Charles and George Marshall served as the keepers at St.

Helena and Old Mackinac Point, respectively. Charles was the son of Ordnance Sergeant William Marshall, who served at Fort Mackinac for several decades until his death in George served as the first keeper at Old Mackinac Point when the station opened in Charles served as the keeper at St.

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Helena until , when an accident while painting the tower damaged his mental and physical health. Unfortunately, Leggatt served only a year on St.

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Helena before drowning in a boating accident. Charles, meanwhile, served at Old Mackinac Point until Chet grew up at the station with his aunt and uncle, George and Maggie Marshall. Courtesy Margaret Marshall Greicar. On St. Helena, the station continued to grow through the early years of the 20 th century. The Lighthouse Service assigned an assistant keeper in , requiring the construction of an additional dwelling.

The St. The Tennessee State Guard can be used to augment National Guard units in times of emergency, provide medical aid, security, funeral honors, high frequency HF communications and perform other stateside responsibilities generally performed by the Tennessee National Guard. The State Guard can serve as first responders to a natural or man-made disaster, and may integrate emergency response plans with local community emergency response teams.

Aside from deploying to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina, and guarding military installations in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, State Guardsmen, in preparing for their role as emergency response personnel, also participated in Operation Vigilant Guard in a disaster response drill organized as a mock earthquake disaster zone.

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As the Tennessee State Guard generally provides non-combat support for the National Guard or state civilian authorities, guardsmen are not armed during duty, although no law exists which prevents them from being armed on the governor's orders. The State Guard plans to continue providing emergency management training to National Guardsmen based in other cities. Any able-bodied citizen with a high school diploma or GED and no criminal record is eligible for membership, although preference is given to honorably discharged members of all five branches from the United States military.

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  • Civilians with specific professional skill sets, such as doctors, attorneys, chaplains or engineers, may be given preference for membership without prior military service. Prospective members are required to take several free online emergency management classes offered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in order to earn the Military Emergency Management Specialist Badge.

    Training is conducted during drill days, which are held one day per month, and during an annual three-day drill during the summer. These courses are generally conducted once per year concurrently with Annual Training AT. In , the Tennessee State Guard launched a four-month military police class, with regiments from East Tennessee taking part in the pilot program taught at the Knoxville Police Headquarters. The TNSG uses the battle dress uniform in the woodland camouflage pattern as its uniform.

    In the event that Tennessee State Guardsmen are assigned to work with the Tennessee National Guard as members of a flight crew, Guardsmen are authorized to wear the aircrew battle dress uniform ABDU if prescribed by the commander.

    The headquarters are in Nashville, Tennessee. Offices and directorates reporting directly to headquarters include: [20]. In addition to several ribbons issued by the TNSG, Tennessee State Guardsmen are allowed to wear decorations issued by other military institutions, including ribbons, decorations, and badges issued by the following institutions in order of precedence: [22]. The Tennessee State issues the following awards: [22]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 20 December Tennessee State Guard Official Website.

    Retrieved 13 October Archived from the original on University of Tennessee Press. Retrieved 4 December Tennessee Virtual Archives. Tennessee State Library and Archives.

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    Archived from the original on January 12, Retrieved 25 December October 5, State Guard Association of the United States. Tennessee State Guard. Retrieved 19 December The Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture. The U. Army Official Website.

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