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The submissive trainees at the Pentagon Agency derive pleasure from even the most demeaning tasks. Their lives are dedicated to sexual servitude; they enjoy pain and humiliation on a daily basis. There is only one punishment they try to avoid: the black room. Similar ebooks.

Susan Kohler. Another Batch of Warm Buns is Susan Kohler's second collection of spanking short stories that include erotic, play and discipline scenarios. The stories range from betting spanks on sporting events in "You Bet Your Ass" to fun and discipline in the office in "Jesse: The Hard-Handed Janitor" to a woman's encounter with a stranger she's met over the internet in "Spanked by Email" to one police department's harsh discipline for speeders in "C.

This erotic, play and discipline collection of spanking short stories will both titillate and excite you. From bare hands, paddles, birch rods, canes and more, you'll see it all. She has written a fun, titillating and enjoyable collection of short stories that reflects how wonderful the people in the scene really are. Susan Kohler's 1st book, The Paddle Club, is a fun, romantic and erotic spanking novel.

Her first collection of spanking short stories is entitled Hot Crossed Buns. She is working on her 4th book, The Heart of the Beast, a full length novel adult fairytale loosely based on Beauty and the Beast. While not a purely spanking novel, it does contain quite a few spanking scenes. Addicted: A Novel. For successful businesswoman Zoe Reynard, finding the pleasure she wants, the way she wants it, is not worth the risk of losing everything she has: a charmed marriage to her childhood sweetheart, a thriving company, and three wonderful children.

But Zoe feels helpless in the grip of an overpowering addiction…to sex. After finding a compassionate therapist to help her, Zoe finally summons the courage to tell her torrid story, a tale of guilt and desire as shocking as it is compelling.

From the sensitive artist with whom she spends stolen hours on rumpled sheets, to the rough and violent man who leads her toward destruction, Zoe is desperately searching for fulfillment—and, perhaps, something darker and deeper. Brought to the edge of ruin by an addiction to luxury, Patricia turns to Hugo for a rescue and finds herself his slave for a month. Marguerite Alexander acquires a rich, handsome, dominant young husband. The new manager of Marguerite's bookshop trains his new female assistant to be a good employee and a better submissive. After reading her secret diaries, Marguerite's conservative new husband expresses disapproval of her former lifestyle.

While Malcolm is away, Marguerite plays; when he returns there's hell to pay. The stories are interconnected and share a common theme: bad girls get spanked! The book deals with an initially unrepentant Muslim terrorist who zealously attempts to impose Sharia law on an innocent young Christian model. The Sex Chronicles. From a bold and captivating voice comes a collection of stories that probes women's darkest passions and pushes the boundaries of erotic fiction. Sometimes romantic, sometimes raw, Zane appeals to men and women alike with these tales of intoxicating sensuality.

With a unique ability to tell it like it is -- and also to tell it like it could be in your wildest dreams -- Zane crafts stories about everyone from the sensual housewife who wants her husband to experiment more to a secret underground sorority of women that organizes some rather unconventional social events. By turns tender and outrageous, The Sex Chronicles is a pleasure from beginning to end. From bare hands, paddles, birch rods, canes and more, you'll see it all.

About the Author: Susan Kohler, a native Californian, is an active member in the spanking scene and has both seen and done most, if not all, of what she writes about. She has written a fun, titillating and enjoyable collection of short stories that reflects how wonderful the people in the scene really are. Susan Kohler's 1st book, The Paddle Club, is a fun, romantic and erotic spanking novel.

She is working on her 3rd book, another collection of short spanking stories. Hot Crossed Buns is a collection of spanking short stories that include erotic, play and discipline scenarios.

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Grand Eagle Retail is the ideal place for all your shopping needs! With fast shipping, low prices, friendly service and over 1,, in stock items - you're bound to find what you want, at a price you'll love! She had blisters to rival any she had given Edith and not an ounce of strength for the least resentment. In fact despite her ordeal, or perhaps because of it, she felt better.

The burden of her white lies had finally been lifted and she at last felt that she deserved her position in Cade County. Eleanor shot a horrified look at the naughty corner where she had set Edith. It was too shameful. Accepting it as you will, the lesser of your shame. It was a shameful truth and suddenly the fire in her bottom fell far short of redemption for her. She clutched at her seared rear and heaved a sob. That is how it is done? Eleanor suspected that she would fill the board several times over before the night was over. But after just a line or two Eleanor stopped and muttered something.

It was just what she would have done in his place, she decided, and with a mortified sigh she returned to the chalk. As ever, running to catch-up and I have a lot of proofing review to do not least Magic for possible future publications, but enough about me. Rollin too has a new story out. You can find out more here. Also recently the Spank Statement has returned to form after some infrequent posting.

Chross also has a movie snippet with a portion called Sadism. Actually it is rather playful. The London Alternative Market has recently revamped its website, which serves as a timely reminder that this Sunday is the market for your spanking shopping needs and a chance to meet new people. On another note, a couple of weeks back I ran a post on red bottoms and colour. It was a small throw away filler frankly, but it did provoke a brief debate about black women in spanking movies. In response on Friday I did another brief post on ebony spanking after finding a tumblr dedicated to such.

Since then I see that Dreams of Spanking have made a movie featuring new model Lola Marie about a black student. Mary-Anne from Singapore responded to the spoof post last week by sending in an apparently true story culled from a Korean medical forum via Google translate. No verifying information could be found and the picture above is not related to this story. Also the text was mostly garbled and this is an edited clean-up, hence the clumsiness.

Whilst the spank or not to spank debate rages, especially since the Gunnoe findings threw a scientific spanner in the works. Researchers in Japan have been on another track altogether. Apparently scientists have been experimenting with the effects of spanking on a range of volunteers. They have been testing for physical, psychological and sexual effects.

The provisional findings suggest that the subjects could handle more pain if they were told it was for science than otherwise, also the spanked subjects were less likely to be depressed than the control group. The rest was unreadable gobbledygook, but the Gunnoe reference is a real enough study by Calvin College, Michigan, which has used international data in support of the pro-spanking lobby. So make of it what you will. Reading the first draft back I realise that I come across in the story as very young, which I was of course, but not as young as all that. Who am I? You may well ask. Not that I am plain, well not very.

Okay I am probably very ordinary looking with nondescript blondish hair that I used to wear longer than I do now.

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In my mind I was golden blonde, but in reality I was a dark honey at best. On forms I always put hazel, but then someone told me that was a kind of brown. They are more like greyish-blue with mottled browny bits. You know, ordinary human eyes. Anyway, I am a bit on the short side. My breasts are too small, my mouth is too big in every regard and so is my bottom, not that anyone ever says so.

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These days I work in project management for a manufacturing company, but back in the day, quite some time after college, I was a temp for a few years. Okay check notes. Tick characterisation.

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Carol was my best friend, well still is, and this particular summer we went to stay with her cousin in Shropshire. Carol was, is, taller than me and dark haired and kind of curly. She has greenish-blue eyes and, most especially back then, she has classic curves in all the right places; so the pretty one in the outfit. Can we settle for John?

Now I fancied Him from the absolute minute I saw him. But being linked in his mind with Carol, his kid cousin I got the sense that he hardly noticed me. Carol would shrug and I would get tongue-tied. At this point I should expand the narrative with colourful scenes of Shrewsbury, stately homes and long winding country lanes with old-world pubs and summer butterflies. Every night we would come back with conflicting agendas. Carol would try hard to avoid John and I would contrive to include him in our evening plans.

One evening we drove into Market Drayton. We thought one glass of wine with dinner and we could drive home. But it never stops there does it? Now I am not saying we got drunk. But we had more than one and it was near midnight when we got home. I knew something was up because Carol went quiet as soon as we got out of the car. Nor did she want to talk and instead of a nightcap she went straight to bed.

So I did too, leaving the car where it was. In the end I think John must have parked the car that night, but in any case the wall and front headlight told its own tale. Now at the back of the house was this shed-outhouse thingy. It was brick and had its own loo. It was nice really, all done out with scatter cushions and old paintings. So we used to hang there when we wanted to smoke or have a few beers without John frowning at us.

I presumed that Carol had ducked out there for a crafty one and headed out. Puzzled, I ran along the path and down the side to look through the back window rather than the door. Or else why did I not go in? Anyway, I am round the back peeking in the back window. In the centre of the room was an old settee covered with an old Union Jack as a throw. John was sitting there with Carol draped over his lap. It took a moment to take it in, then I realised that her denim shorts and knickers were down at her ankles and her bottom was completely bare and mooning up from his lap.

He must have been spanking her for some time because her bum was totally scarlet and she was yelling in this weird wail. One moment high-pitched and then throaty and hoarse. She was completely helpless across his knees and even from my angle I could see she was bawling. I mean sobbing for her life with tears and snot down the chin. Sorry, but she was.

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John was spanking her with this old blue canvas shoe and the noise of each impact was terrific. But as I watched the scene it was hard to say what I felt. I remember some tingling in my tummy and some light-headedness. I also felt the heat rise on my face as I blushed in embarrassment for her. Obviously I should have either run in there to stop him or slipped away quietly and leave them to what was after all a family matter.

But remember we were not exactly kids. I mean not by a damn sight. So what did I do? At any moment I thought it would be over, but it went on for a long time. All that while Carol was bawling and kicking her legs. I was totally amazed now and gaping to myself. Of course after that I was absolutely obsessed with everything to do with it, not least John. Did he spank her often? When was the last time? Does anyone know? Did it really hurt that much or…? Finally she admitted that it was just a thing between them and sometimes it cleared the air.

Carol actually laughed at this. It is just so embarrassing.

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And well, if you must know, last time he spanked me for… well, something else. I did notice that after that she and John seemed to get on much better. Even when she sat uneasily for a few days after, she was much more pleasant, cheerful even, when he told her to behave herself. I noticed he was folding his arms and staring at me like an old school teacher.

It was enough to make me gulp, but I felt all gooey inside. What followed was a blur. He took my arm and led me to the little shed out back. Once there he sat down on the flag-covered settee and hauled me over his lap. It happened so fast, as did the tugging down of my shorts. I remember looking back and seeing my big bottom sticking up in the way. Then he grabbed that canvas shoe from somewhere and walloped my behind with it. My memory is of heat. Sudden and overriding and rapidly getting hotter. In about a minute flat I went from being stunned to going mental.

There was an odd distant wailing sound and it was a moment before I got that it was me. Then I was crying too, more even than Carol I think. My only other clear memory was of being sorry. Sorrier than I had ever been about anything. I ran a gamut of emotions I think. Anger came and went quickly to be replaced, as I said, by regret.

Another Batch of Warm Buns: Spanking Short Stories: Erotic, Play and Discipline

But it was all so intense. When he was finally done with me I felt like I had been emptied out and refilled with something better. When he told me to go and stand in the corner I obeyed without question.

In fact just to put me in my place, John left me facing the wall for a good long while.