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All this worked toward a climactic moment where their roles would flip, both in story and in gameplay. The year-old girl becomes the hero. That was our earliest intention for those characters and their arcs. Ultimately, at least for Joel, it became this idea of exploring how far a father is willing to go to save his kid.

Each step of the way is a greater sacrifice.

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Likewise, for Ellie — there are different interpretations out there. But there is a pointed intention there for her. GamesBeat: A lot of people have said that this is a really good game. The sales are backing that up. I never really thought of this as a zombie game. There are plenty of opportunities to have these kinds of moral dilemmas in this zombie genre, though. The Walking Dead is another good example of that. How do you tell a zombie story without falling into the trap of just being one more zombie game? We saw this opportunity where survival horror, or whatever you want to call it, gave us an opportunity to develop characters inside of that world.

Nobody had really done that in video games yet.

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If you are looking to inspire kids, here are some notable people who can shape their impressionable minds and lead them onto the path of hard work and dedication towards a subject of their choice. Thomas Alva Edison can be named as one of the most creative inventors of all times. Inventing a number of objects that simplified human life, Edison was the scientist who unveiled the first commercial incandescent electric bulb. Telegraph was another noted innovation that adds to the list along with alkaline storage batteries. He invented all these when he was fighting with the symptoms of scarlet fever and ear infections that left him with hearing difficulties until he turned nearly deaf.

He is known for the invention of a 6 inch telescope that allowed him to watch all the moons of Jupiter. Along with this, Edison is also known for his mathematical formula that calculates the value of Pi.

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Sir Isaac Newton is another gem in the crown of ancient physics, belonging to the 17 th Globally recognized as an astronomer with an unparalleled imaginative mind, he was a famous mathematician and philosopher as well. His fidgety nature allowed him to discover new things. William Shakespeare , the famous dramatist, poet and author of all times has been an inspiration to kids who love to play with words. Known as the greater English writer of the period between 16 th and 17 th centuries, William Shakespeare lives on with several of his dramas being performed on theatrical stages even to this day.

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Comedy, tragedy, and history were the genres that interested him along with plays revolving around romance. His plays are also part of the educational curriculum of kids and serve their role to interpret cultural and political scenarios in the best light.

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  • Rabindranath Tagore is another noted Bengali wordsmith that India introduced to the world at large. Tagged as a child prodigy born in , Rabindranath Tagore penned his first poem at the age of 7. Indian culture and literature were the subjects that drew his attention. His works on literature and music were translated into global languages like German, Dutch, Spanish and English.

    Steve Jobs , the chief founder of Apple Computer grew up with a strong interest in electronics. Being a brilliant student, he excelled in electronics as he grew up.

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    Starting Apple Computer in from his family garage when he was just 21 years, he pioneered the introduction of improved technology that can churn out computers which are cheaper, smaller and accessible to the common man. The entire life of Jobs is an epitome to his belief that it is only through great work that one can lead a truly satisfying life. From being a great scientist with a humble personality, he moved on to become the 11th President of India.

    His love for students and education manifested both in life and death, allowing him to breathe his last gasp while lecturing to a student-gathering at IIM Shillong in July During his tenure as a director, he led many successful missile and rocket launching projects.

    From being a simple man, he rose to the commendable position of heading the Indian nation entirely on the strength of his hard work and dedication. These two are the inspiring qualities that Abdul Kalam is famous for and thus an exemplary personality for adults and children.

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    He is a popular figure in the modern digital field as the CEO of Facebook. Unveiling the most popular social-networking site named Facebook in , he became the youngest billionaire the world ever produced.

    click This internet-driven, social-networking platform became an instant hit with people of all ages, across the globe. Supporting the idea of staying in touch with your near and dear ones at all times while transcending geographical barriers, Facebook made Mark Zuckerberg an over-night internet wizard and celebrity. Always giving a part of what he earned to the society, this modern day entrepreneur engages in charities and contributes to social causes through handsome donations.

    Kalpana Chawla was the first Indian woman to set foot on outer space. After completing her post-graduation in aerospace engineering from the University of Texas in , she was conferred with a doctorate degree in the same field, from the University of Colorado.