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What Hierapolis Tells Us About Laodicea

Thanks for the comment about the photo. Think I might be back on track regarding them. For the sky in the photos, it was a total fluke.

I shot in Raw, put them in Photomatix essentials to edit and they come out like this. Just adjusted the colour temperature a little but mainly left as is. Only shot on an old Nixon D40 as well.

Really good post and you photos are stupendous — really! We were very impressed with Laodicea when we visited there in October. Is it on a trade route? Plains for farming and agriculture A hill for good defence Water sources Stones to build the walls, houses etc Good air circulation.

Historical overview:

To decide this, they would hang a baby goat and skin it. If flies swarmed around, the air was not good enough. Yet the words from Saint John were harsh. Visiting Laodicea Today It was an ideal time to visit since it was the beginning of May and vibrant red poppies were sprouting out from between the ruins. The Temple of Athena What the Temple used to look like According to newspaper reports, the temple was only discovered in What the temple looks like now Instead, I stood on a glass platform covering the original layout and stones.

The End of Laodicea Some sources say an earthquake in the 4th century marked the end of a lucrative timeline for the city, while others say it was destroyed during invasions by the Turks and Mongols in the 13th century.

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Till then, I only have 5 more churches of revelation to visit! Follow us I'm Natalie, a freelance travel blogger and writer specializing in the country of Turkey.

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I love hot summer days, historical sites and coffee. Pin Laodicea is noted all over the world by its splendid archeological site still under the excavations in one hand.

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Today the ancient Laodicea is being excavated by the archeological team of Denizli University in the name of Turkish government. Rome offered to send some loans to rebuild the cities for Loadicea, Hierapolis, Ephesus and others. Development activities in the city during the reign of Emperor Domitian was intense. Emperor Hadrian also gave the holy title known as Nekoros-temple wardenship- to Laodicea for the first time after Ephesus.

In 2nd C AD Laodicea and Ephesus were in competition in many ways such as banking centres and temple wardenships.


In the time of Constantine the great in AD the freedom was given to Christians to worship with the edict of Milan and the city became very important church city for believers. The glory was ended up at the end of the Byzantines and the city was abondended in 10 th AD. I wish you were either cold or hot! This eyesalve is the unction from on high, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, which gives us the true discernment in spiritual things.

And God's people, during this time, will be rebuked and chastened by Him until they become zealous and repent. Now this message to Laodicea is not a message of hopelessness, as you will see that Christ is rebuking this church for their lukewarm condition and He confirms that He loves those who He rebukes and is standing at the door waiting for them to let Him in. He is pleading with them to repent of this condition, so that they may obtain His grace and be clothed in His righteousness.

Anatolian people 'established ancient city of Laodicea'

So although this church is in a dire state, as long as the people HEED the warning and rebuke, then the lukewarmness can be corrected. But if this warning isn't heeded and action isn't taken to correct this awful state, then Christ will "spue" them out of His mouth and they will be thrown into the lake of fire, and forever lost. You have not one moment to spare.

Utter destruction awaits every soul that is found in this Laodicean state.

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  • Friend, if you are in the Laodicean state right now. If you are still living for this world and not moving forward in your faith, in obedience to Christ Jesus. If you believe that you "know" enough to not need to study anymore. Please heed the call, as time is running out! You will see that this church receives no commendations, only rebuke. Rebuke Jesus says that this church is neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm and she thinks that she is rich and in need of nothing.