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The Reason Your Shoes Have Extra Holes At The Top Might Blow Your Mind

I used to wear skate shoes, but the lack of grip sucks and they aren't as comfortable as basketball or running shoes. VegasJustin , Feb 7, Joined: Jul 29, Since this happens with all your shoes, I'd say you probably overpronate when you walk or run? Does the below description below describe your shoe wear? It sounds like that could be the case as I usually have huge holes in the bottom on the ball of the foot, but I have normal arches.

Holes in My Shoes

It could also be my thick feet, but I have had thick feet forever and I don't know of any fixes for that. Thanks for the help. I will look into some type of support or something and get shoes that truly fit my feet next time.

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Joined: Sep 13, Wearing out the big toe area of the shoe used to be a problem for lots of tennis players back in the day. A lot of us would drag our toe on our follow through.

Toe poking hole in top of running shoe? | The DIS Disney Discussion Forums -

I dont think this is as big of a problem these days because with the improvements in racket technology, tennis strokes have changed - open stance and different follow through. Anyway shoe goo was what we would all use to repair our shoes. There is another similar product called freesole, but I've never tried it. Since it's newer it might be better.

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Shoe goo worked for me but it only gave me another few more weeks before I had to repair my shoe again. Clevelandmo , Feb 7, If the wear on the bottom of shoe is even throughout the ball of the foot, then, no, you most likely don't overpronate.

But if I was you and had a pair of running shoes that developed a hole after 5 miles, I'd return them to the store and get my money back. That's crazy. How long have you had them? If it's less than 30 days, definitely check into getting your money back. I bought the shoes from Champs Sports and they are pretty strict on returns.

This is the Right Way To Tie Your Running Shoes

I looked into it online and it looks like I would be stuck with them. I should give them a call or go down there and see. I kept seeing tags about some twenty day trial run and you could return them if you don't like them, but I didn't see anything like that online and kept hearing that they refuse to take worn shoes.

I looked up shoe goo last night and think that this would work as the hole is very small now and it could prevent it from becoming huge. If they don't take them back, that's what I will get.

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  8. If Champs doesn't take them back. I would call Asics customer service and see if they'll do anything for you. Sign in.

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