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I took a bit of flak but got talking about what I was doing for United's foundation and these two guys offered to help. In the Supreme Court's first review of campus affirmative action, brought by white aspiring medical student Allan Bakke against the University of California, Davis, the court forbade racial quotas but said that universities could weigh race with other factors in admissions.

Eli is always lurking. He learnt all about glasshouse production in his native Netherlands, and at 6ft 8in tall looks rather as if he was raised in a glasshouse himself. Circulation at the Herald, the largest broadsheet in Glasgow, regularly topped , issues, and tabloids such as the Daily Record sold many times more.

From legendary boxers and iconic tennis players to golfing greats and fabled Olympians, the Daily News has the photos you want of the once-in-a-lifetime sports moments. Find yours today and relive history. Financial institutions should have the opportunity to buy limited government insurance on those securities in exchange for a fair and financially responsible fee, much like the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. He criticized GOP legislators for insisting that his health care law be defunded as part of a bargain to raise the debt ceiling. Going in, Kay, who doubles as a talk radio gasbag, had taken shots at A-Rod on Twitter.

Their company, Koch Industries, continuesto have an interest in the media business and is exploring abroad range of opportunities, spokeswoman Melissa Cohlmia said,confirming a report on their Tribune decision by the DailyCaller news website. Using her Twitter account, Amanda Bynes has been targeting people and mainly calling them ugly.

Oskar Morgenstern and John von Neumann. (Shelby White and Leon Levy Archives Center)

See w They are expecting bad times because of the anti-business climate of this administration. Corporations would rather be like Ford, which survived the collapse because of a large cash balance, rather than like GM, which should have gone bankrupt due to lack of cash. The GM stockholders lost their assets when the government took over the company.

Corporate officers have a duty to protect the shareholders from that kind of event. All told, healthcare organizations are Medicare ACOs, according to the latest figures from the agency. About others have formed their own private versions. Desai said initially it would continue this way but longer term the plan was to include smaller investors. The judge said he would give Jones Day until theafternoon to come up with a coherent argument on why the dataroom should remain closed to all but those who agree not todisclose its contents.

We are providing consular assistance. This clinic is dedicated to providing up-to-date information and resources to assist in understanding and living with these conditions. He's not sure if the information will come before the votes on a proposed strike next week. School District for 27 years, reminisces about the days when it was easy for parents and other community members to visit their schools. But the Chancellor said he believed it would make savings on the welfare bill by helping people get off benefits. In important ways, we are winning the war on terror, but we are the losers on privacy.

It's not really hit us yet. We can't live in the house so we'll have to get a hotel. In the long term we'll have to move to rented accommodation. It could be six months before we can get back into the house. It is totally appropriate, however, to question whether the decisions made by Bain benefit American workers. Private companies like Bain are in business to make a profit for their investors, not to create or destroy jobs or to satisfy any other social goal. So why should Bain? The question was begged by Mitt Romney himself, who said his experience would lead to more jobs, not by the Democrats.

Minutes after firefighters arrived, 40 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded, killing 11 first responders. Though federal officials say a Tier II report was on file at the fire department, surviving firefighters told Reuters they had never seen a report detailing what chemicals were stored at the factory.

Had they known, they may well have stayed outside the blast zone. Over time the wounds healed and these days it's regarded as one of the finest games in the series' year history. I want to thank everyone who has helped me and my family through this entire ordeal. Everyone who has been there to support us has been a blessing to have such an outpouring of love and kindness. I am getting stronger each day and having my privacy has helped immensely.

Be careful what you wish for. Now we indeed do have diversity. Liberals, in contrast, tend to argue that a constitution must be a "living document" that changes and grows with the times. John Thune, R-S. There are 16 million refugees in the world right now and the average amount of time someone lives as a refugee is 17 years.

The highest profile lawmaker in the gang right now is the second key leader: Sen. Marco Rubio. But at the moment he is exercising a nearly mirror opposite leadership approach to the issue. Because usually Roma kids are placed in special schools where they can get only to the equivalent of four years education in nine years. Syria wants a full Israeli withdrawal to the pre border. But it does inspect sites for Tier II reporting issues after receiving a complaint or during a visit to examine compliance with other statutes and regulations.

He asked Ho to get something in writing. Ho said he relayed the message to a top Hong Kong official on Friday afternoon. Hours passed. Saturday morning came and turned into afternoon. He heard nothing back.

As a result, some of the brain cells die and others are damaged. Every year, some 10, people in Ireland suffer a stroke and 2, people die as a result. Thousands more are left with stroke-related disabilities. I was true to myself. I understand now that you can never truly know what's going on in the mind of another person, no matter how well you think you know them. In a brief press release, the company gave no reason for Zimmer's termination, explaining only that it "expects to discuss with Mr.

Zimmer the extent, if any, and terms of his ongoing relationship with the company. Beijing is due to releaseJune trade numbers on Wednesday, and second-quarter GDP growth is due on Monday, as are monthly urban investment, industrialoutput and retail sales figures. Overseas investors have pumped money into manufacturing and the energy sector. The collapse of a garment factory in with the loss of more than 1, lives brought workers out onto the streets to demand better conditions.

The alternative was paying six euros for a slice of pizza. Mr Hatch says his children Phoebe, eight, and Charlie, six, are never happier when playing in their cardboard box, instead of on computer games right. In the end, the only thing that is going to slash sky high unemployment rates in the hardest hit parts of the euro zone is a return to solid economic growth. Middle District Judge Yvette Kane, however, said she could find nothing to support the allegation of concerted action "that might nudge its conspiracy claim into 'plausible' territory. The accumulation of annuity contracts would even out interest rate fluctuations, according to Hatch, who would also have life insurance companies competitively bid for them.

The Twinkies on shelves today, for example, have a shelf life of about 45 days, which is nearly three weeks longer than a year ago. There will be dozens of uniformed and plain clothes police officers in the city, who will in turn be bolstered by Secret Service agents as they mill through the throngs of attendees. We poke fun of that in the show," says Biderman, who grew up in Florida, New York and Massachusetts before moving out to Los Angeles for film school.

The pre-workout powder promises "endless energy" and has come under increasing scrutiny over the past year. Lab tests by the U. Anti-Doping Agency, a government-affiliated lab in Sweden and industry competitors have detected undisclosed amphetamine-like compounds in samples of what's labeled as an all-natural supplement and sold in GNC stores and on a variety of websites, including Walmart's and Amazon's. He slipped through a back door and did not speak to reporters as he arrived at the courtroom.

The status - something between a department and an overseas territory - allowed French subsidies to continue and calmed Canadian fears about European exploitation of its fishing grounds. National Hurricane Center said. ACategory 1 storm is the lowest intensity on the five-stepSaffir-Simpson scale.

Burkhardt said he was not sure if the dispatcher was told that the engine had been shut down, or what the dispatcher did after receiving the call. The company is still investigating the incident, as are Canadian authorities. Two of the big names from the Lions tour will be plying their trade at a club who I think have so many of the right pieces in the right places. He is a good replacement for the legendary Soane Tonga'uiha. Remember that investment funds and companies often have a vested interest in keeping you in their shares, but it might not be the best idea for your own retirement savings plans.

Perhaps, that versatile anklebone was an adaptive feature, one that was re-purposed again and again to support whatever niche the multituberculates were called upon to fill, Luo said. But after a forgettable season in L. Egyptian protesters that have welcomed the help of the army have good reason to distrust Mursi and his followers.

And House Speaker John Boehner, who can make a call on whether to bring the bill to the floor, has also come out against the Internet sales tax legislation. Where research had been carried out, most of the therapies scored just one on the effectiveness scale. As a result, they do take most of the worry out of choosing a timepiece. It represented his worst output since becoming a regular starter over 10 years ago.

You have to put points on the board but you also have to play defense. As a team, we all have to sacrifice. Not just Joe, but everybody if you want to win a championship. Carter, who as far back as October was tweeting about 'working on my mind, music, and body for a new album release,' has entered a treatment facility, his rep confirmed. According to E! It's a fun experience for Harry Potter fans, but it makes me wonder what adventures Harry, Ron and Hermione would have missed out on if they had Google Maps and never got lost.

President Barack Obama had previously stated that the verified use of chemical weapons was a "red line" for more involvement in the conflict, but the United States has hesitated to offer more tangible support. The administration is wary of becoming entangled in yet another overseas war similar to Afghanistan and Iraq. Goods exports rose by 2. Furthermore, the growth was driven by exports to countries beyond the troubled eurozone, no doubt bringing cheer to business secretary Vince Cable and industry groups as they continue their push for sales to new markets.

In fact, Davis said he will be splitting his time between the Esplanade and Mattapan, a neighborhood hard hit by gunfire. Employees would then receive fixed income annuity contracts from the insurance company, "thereby building an annuitized pension year-by-year during their working lives" and making pension plan underfunding "not possible. In a bronze plan, the insurer covers 60 percent of health care costs, while the individual pays 40 percent out-of-pocket.

In a silver plan, the breakdown is Gold and platinum plans have lower deductibles, but may come with higher monthly fees. It will require foreignfinancial institutions to tell the U. They exclude deposits from central government andbanks. The Oracle boat won two races on Sunday after an up-and-down start to the sailing tournament, and Ellison gave a shout out to Oracle team. S airline has vetted and takes responsibility for their partners. Islanders have British citizenship.

The territory enjoys strong links with Canada, and politicians have occasionally mooted a political and economic union. In memory, they are a concatenation of disasters. As they play out, the norm is moments of panic separated by lengthy stretches of apparent calm. It isn't as if these justices are deaf, dumb and blind to the voter suppression laws being proposed and the effort to prevent the poor and minorities from casting their ballots.

It isn't too much to recognize that the startling transformation that society, followed by our politicians, have made on gay marriage in less than a decade resulted in part from civil rights battles that are still being fought. He was in pain. I never thought [pitching]was where my future was going to be. I was always a hitter, I always worked on hitting.

I was never involved in pitching until my junior year of high school. But once it started to click I started to develop my mechanics and got comfortable with it. That is the undertone of Mr. And that is the government we have had since the Great Depression. Not an exact quote. They are the greatest addicts in a country of addicts. The lumbar came back positive. National Transportation Safety Board , determine it's necessaryto do so. Smilianets was extradited last September and is expected to appear in New Jersey Federal court next week. Drinkman is awaiting an extradition hearing in the Netherlands.

Speculation that the Hollywood power couple recently became engaged sparked when a photo of Jolie surfaced, showing the actress wearing a sizeable sparkler on the ring finger on her left hand. A rep for jeweler Robert Procop, who has previously designed red carpet pieces for Jolie, confirmed the happy news to The Hollywood Reporter. He also said former Bucs teammate Simeon Rice deserves to be in the Hall before Strahan, and that Strahan made a career out of rushing against "the weak guy" of offensive lines. His goal with "Swingland," he said, was to shed some light on an often misrepresented subculture, and let those who want to try it out themselves know what does and does not fly in the circuit.

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Also, it could give doctors an indication to check for other, major, diseases. Meanwhile the Briton then had his hands full trying to fend off Alonso. Force India's Paul di Resta, another sweating on his future, suffered a fourth retirement in a row. Mabus points to what has become a macabre joke among sailors, highlighting the dangers of a shipmate falling into the sea wearing a sea-colored uniform. They knocked booming serves and flat, hard groundies at each other until one or the other flubbed a backhand into the net or sailed a forehand long.

The interior designer and former TV host popped the question to Jeremiah Brent, his boyfriend of eight and a half months and Rachel Zoe's former assistant, his rep confirms to US Weekly. The proposal occurred on April 8, while the couple were visiting Peru as part of a designer sale project for Berkus. My inbox exploded with emails from women saying the same thing had happened to them. I'm sharing what I've learned from my experience in hopes that it might help others. In the present economic and market environment, companies are penalized for investing and rewarded for cost-cutting.

How do you think we got into this situation in the first place? O'Mara said the court would draw a similar conclusion by looking at the photos showing the back of Zimmerman's bloody head. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged Syria to give Sellstrom unfettered access to investigate all alleged chemical arms incidents.

But Assad's government only wants the U. Sometimes, there are things you think ought to be illegal, but they are not. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC enforces the laws that prohibit employment discrimination based on: age for workers older than 40 , disability, genetic information, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, race and religion. The market was probably due for some sort of pullback," says Wren.

Even given recent volatility, he adds, it may still be a good time for investors to jump in. She sleeps with Roger Shepard Rodger Corser , who owns Ridgefield, the rich-kids camp across the lake, then sits down for breakfast in the dining hall the next morning and immediately spills all the details to four friends, while the campers are digging into their oatmeal 5 feet away. The arrangement creates a type of bond-like investment, making scale and diversity more important for this type of property company, Schorsch told Reuters in an interview.

And it is not a bad start. But as in our last great economic transformation, the Industrial Revolution, it is naive to expect business to come to heel voluntarily. TheNasdaq Composite Index was up 7. It provides services far beyond investor matchmaking, including introducing portfolio companies to potential partners.

We're working closely with the NTSB as they conduct their investigation, particularly on this aspect. Now it looks quite the opposite. I look forward to working hard in training camp and preseason, training hard during the discipline period and contributing to the team immediately upon my return. All of us congratulate each candidate for a hard-fought campaign," Bain's managing directors wrote. But the Tigers are without starting quarterback James Franklin and will be challenged this week by No.

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Wine glasses today are giant goblets, so it's easy to pour 6 ounces, or one-and-a-half servings, without noticing. That means those two glasses a night might actually be closer to three almost half a bottle! But the dates match up nicely, so let the speculation begin. One day after Metallica's show in Harlem, the Yankees are celebrating Rivera's remarkable career with a pre-game event before they take on the San Francisco Giants at the Stadium.

He has cause to worry. About one-fourth of all residential solar systems in the U. There's a big ceiling on him still. There's no doubt in my mind he'll play in the NFL. Am I too unkind? The biggest pigs at the Federal trough are always the rich and the well funded. Everyone else needs the government as the most reliable and usually most legally accountable and disinterested party available for long term concern for the general welfare. Every decade or so they seem to have name changes and identity crisis and rack up huge debts in merger and acquisition costs.

It keeps people in money and I appreciate the value of negative numbers on a balance sheet. And it applies to cluster munitions, incendiary weapons, explosive weapons in populated areas, as well as chemical weapons," Mr Nash adds. But one aquatic safety company has an innovative solution that could help keep swimmers safer. The latest offering, Showtime's "Ray Donovan," brings a Boston crime family to the glitzy Hollywood landscape: think "Entourage" meets "Sopranos" with a Southie accent. About an hour later, a passerby called police, who arrived to find the dogs dead inside the vehicle.

Pegram, who was charged with two felony counts of animal cruelty, told local media outlets that she's devastated and didn't intentionally kill her animals. Sanford said he initially declined the chance to speak at the Faith and Freedom Coalition's annual conference when asked by the group's founder, evangelical leader Ralph Reed.

But Sanford decided to accept because he "believed in the God of second chances," he said. You hit home on a lot of the tips we tell job seekers to follow before they conduct a video interview. We also need to look at how they were flying the airplane. Were they hand-flying the airplane? Were they relying on auto pilot or some combination of the two of those - and how those systems worked, if they worked as designed, if the crew understood what they were supposed to do," Hersman said in a CNN interview.

But investments are done with after tax dollars subject to deductions and exemptions, so the other purpose of the law is to stimulate US job growth. Also, it is understood that much of the growth of this cash is to park funds in a tax free account. So it sits there unused until the economy gets better.

This is a job killer. I say tax the exess cash and put it to use paying teachers and building the infrastructure of tomorrow. If a guest wants Mattinson and Mattinson only, he can be reserved by name. Say what you want about PM Irsay you will not come out with a win Sunday and you can take that to the bank. The former 'Friends' star said in a statement that he's once again seeking treatment, his third stint since He was last in rehab in , but this time the trip is a proactive measure to fight his addiction, TMZ.

What happens next in Egypt is of grave concern to the U. That's why he's been so reluctant and that's why two years in, they are only now talking about providing light weapons," says Doug Bandow, senior fellow at the Cato Institute. This one provides a philosophical and academic explanation for why the culture of the firm is so important, he says. Perhaps the investment is coming from smaller businesses?

The first ten amendments to the document expresses the freedoms of citizens and the limitations of government. Basically, as long as the freedom of one individual does not encroach on the freedom of any other citizen, a citizen within the boundaries of our shared liberty can act as he or she chooses. Individual freedom and responsibility are core ideals of the Republican party and Conservatism. For the record, I am against same sex marriages for reasons of personal belief. That being said, I believe that to ask the government to limit the freedom of the individual is misguided and has caused our party to be marginalized as bigots, homophobes and insensitive.

Some of the time may be enough to doom ships and states. Instead of a lens it has a hole with the diameter of 0. That means it has an aperture of and thus a long exposure time, even up to a few minutes. Murphy said those figures are not high enough to sustain job gains consistent with a decline in the unemployment rate toward the 7 percent marker that Bernanke has indicated for ending the asset purchase program, provided inflation doesn't spike.

A vote on that proposal is planned for some time in August. The executive had named Ackermann, the former head of DeutscheBank, in his suicide note. Roads across the region were flooded out and standing water throughout Denver snarled morning rush-hour in the state capital. Climate trends fluctuate in a complicated way, from place to place across the globe each year. To understand that Earth is, indeed, still warming, you have look at long-term trends, not short-term statistics.

The pension plans asked for the proceedings to be postponed one week to July Based on the contract that Pimco signed with the New York Fed, a Pimco employee would have had to adhere to a "cooling off" period of about six weeks. Those who worked for the New York Fed were forbidden by contract to use any knowledge gained from working for the Fed when trading for Pimco.

He filed civil cases that drove Greenberg out of the firm and led to substantial state and federal settlements. Where does progress need to come from going forward? Australian actor Jackman, 44, whose new movie "The Wolverine" opens in U. Parcells always had a special relationship with Martin, who was his liason with the players, a job few would have wanted.

So it makes sense he picked him for the honor in Canton. She argued the search was conducted without a warrant or consent form. The United States and European allies believe Assad's forces used small amounts of sarin gas in attacks in the past, which Washington called a "red line" that justified international military aid for the rebels. You can't complain. They really just want their representatives to look at it in Parliament in a sober and thoughtful way, which is by and large what happened last Thursday in the debate. But although the two companies have their share of disagreements, we wouldn't be too surprised to see them working together again.

And half of forces did nothing to understand the impact on communities. So we basically played each other in the film. I knew I had the skills over him and he tried some Bernard Hopkins tactics and he tried to get into my head. Abdel Fatah al-Sisi only moved to expel former president Mohamed Morsi from office when it became clear that Morsi and his Brotherhood followers had lost control of the country and were heading for a violent confrontation with their political opponents, said Eric Trager, an Egypt expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Anthony Bonfiglio, who did his residency with Hasan.

He testified that Hasan told him he was planning to apply for a fellowship in "disaster trauma" after his residency because it would allow him "to stay in training and therefore delay deployment. In the first half of the year, U. Last month the U. That is where your running and your healthy diet pay off: it allows you to cheat for a treat! But don't enter these contests. This year, weather patterns in the Arctic were more favorable for maintaining more of the ice cover than during the past few summers, sea ice experts said. In the U. In China, the biggest problem with state capitalism is that the state has already captured the private sector.

Complaints from Virginia advocates and parents swelled, compelling the Department of Education and the Commonwealth of Virginia to negotiate a new accountability plan. Reducing our submarine-based Trident capability would weaken our national security for the sake of a very small fraction of the defence budget. It is our view that if Britain is to remain a leading global power with strong defences, nothing less than a continuous at-sea deterrent will do.

But when it puffs war it is a crime against humanity. It is murder for hire. They know that talk is for the suckers and anyone who can, builds a big pile of cash, anyway they can, and sits of it. They then spend inordinately amounts of time and money congratulating themselves on their bravery and hard work.

People never tire of building gilded railings around their lives. They say Apple and its partners will not be able to make an earlier date if they want to launch the new device with a bigger screen. Keith Ellison, D-Minn. House from the other Deep South states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and South Carolina as white voters in the region have increasingly switched to the Republican Party. As a result, the brain is able to rouse itself earlier, and waking up is not accompanied by grogginess. Even Chinese buyers - the go-to solution in manyauctions - have been cautious. Korda hit her very first Solheim Cup shot straight down the middle, then walked to the edge of the fairway to throw up.

Moments later, she nailed an approach on the par-5 to 8 feet and the U. News that the actor had checked into rehab and was no longer missing. Earlier in May the year-old actor caused alarm among friends and family after disappearing, prompting his wife to file a missing persons report with the Los Angeles Police Department. Ask yourself whether the benefits of a gap year make sense for your education and career goals.

As an added bonus, you'll find yourself completely done with your test-taking early if you end up scoring better than you expected the first time. And an attempt to embarrass Bruno over his abuse of the state helicopter mushroomed into the so-called Troopergate imbroglio. The actress was filming the latest "Sleeping Beauty" adaptation, which is told from the evil beauty's perspective.

Backed by the US military, Yemen's army was able to regain control of the southern region, but al-Qaeda militants continue to launch deadly attacks on security forces. That is a lot of money. We will see what happens at the end of the year. The bottom line is the philosophy of this organization is do whatever it can to win the World Series. But an undeniable explosiveness in the return game 1, yards and a yard touchdown on kickoffs last season helped Wilson see more time, leading to outbursts such as his yard, two-touchdown performance against the Saints on just 13 carries.

The Bon Jovi guitarist is planning to enter a facility for help with exhaustion and regain his sobriety, sources told RadarOnline. Following her fifth trip to jail, Lindsay Lohan embarks upon her sixth trip to rehab. The actress was to rehab on Oct. My sense is that the guy in charge is the president. They may inform his decisions, but I don't think they are going to steer them. This created a risk that advice would be influenced more by commercial decisions than the interests of customers.

It did not provide details for this decision. The text scrolls impossibly fast, but a sign nearby explains to visitors that it'll take an entire year for the entire human genome to flash onscreen. Sheriff Evans told the Daily Caller that the tweets were unlikely to bring additional charges. Seoul subsequently proposed Red Cross talks Friday on restarting the reunions. The Junior Achievement website offers a series of lesson plans for parents with kids of all different ages, from elementary school through high school.

The interactive activities help families talk about money and impart lessons on budgeting, identify theft and work. Since graduating from Syracuse University in , Will has At the time of her death, she was working as a media analyst for a digital marketing firm in the South End. He also acknowledged that the boy had recently stolen a delivery van from a local noodle warehouse and crashed it into a police cruiser in the town of Edina. That technology applied tothe Post could make its advertising business much more valuable.

Bronars adds that the unemployment rate has fallen to 7. Meanwhile, the fraction of adults who are employed has not changed in the past three years because of relatively slow growth and the aging of the U. A member of the legal team accompanied Snowden to the airport, reporting back to Ho as he made his way through immigration.

On Monday, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said Snowden also carried refugee travel documents from Ecuador, but Ho was unaware of those. Well, no. The World Economic Forum has no shortage of silly phrases, but some of them actually do have meaning beyond the euphemistic. And, as a result, the rest of us will have fewer jobs. The two companies are discussing afinance venture that could replace the state guarantee and bringPeugeot more freedom from government interference, people withknowledge of the matter said last week.

Rattner is that which he is, as are the rest of us. For better or worse, we must evaluate his verbal behavior on its own merits not on the personal defects of its author. Ribero-Ayala accepted this payment on behalf of Anthony Bosch as payment for his legal representation," Ribero-Ayala spokeswoman Joyce Fitzpatrick said in a statement Monday.

The funds were immediately returned. Rodriguez does not have any involvement in Mr. Bosch's legal representation. Bradley Manning for espionage and theft. The bombshell "Today" host announced she is set to wed her boyfriend of four years Michael Feldman. Showing off her sparkler, Guthrie announced that she and Feldman have been together for four years. The feature will be enabled in the fall, and will allow owners of the Roamio Plus and Roamio Pro to watch their content on their mobile devices currently iOS only, but Android is coming soon when they are away from home, provided they are on Wi-Fi, similar to what you can currently do with a Slingbox.

Making people think about triggers, food cues, how to deal with them. But the job gain merely kept pace with the rise in the labor force, so that the number of unemployed, at Greater gains in jobs will be needed to push unemployment down significantly over the next year. But even if it could, it wouldn't sound like you. To avoid having your personal statement sound fake, you'll still need to write it yourself. This information is not used by us for any other type of audience recording or monitoring.

That expectation is coming up against a culture where traditionally there is not a lot of accountability. There has been a debate about whether the reserves should be kept for domestic use or exported. International companies are involved in the gas sector. That federal education program demonstrated the power of government to leverage its own investment to obtain both policy change and partners who invest alongside it. Most likely the result would be dramatically lower. Spreads climbed to on July 1, the highest since Oct.

Yields rose to 3. But for the bid to be put to a vote,shareholders first must reject Michael Dell's proposal and thenelect a new slate of directors put up by Icahn. You would hope that somewhere in the U. The Founding Fathers knew that scum floats and did allow for the system to correct itself.

I wonder if our age has the caliber of people needed for the system to succeed. The Red Sox, Tigers and Angels are the only other clubs to pay the tax over the years. Luxury tax payments go into MLB's central fund. It was an accurate effort. About 10 bullets hit the driver's window, but Krejcir was out of the vehicle at that point, talking on his phone. Summers are. Problem is that a way out of this mess is impossible as long the credibility of the democratic process in Europe lies in tatters.

The social contract between rulers and the sovereign has been broken in to many EU countries. Any reflation funds will flow into the hands of special interests groups and political parties in need of financing and not into productivity gains leading to economic growth. Guys with billions in the bank, made by zero-sum trading and saved by taxpayers, really should take their rhetorical beatings without whining.

It was only in searching his house that they found evidence that linked him to the murder of Saleem. But I think we all understand it's not personal. It's a business decision. An ideal study would look at patients over the full lunar cycle, which is The small number of new tugboat models could reflect little demand for tugboats, or, it could mean that old, unadvertised models have been so effective that there is little demand for new designs. The technology for these ships, described as being capable of carrying at least 50 passengers and traveling at a minimum service speed of 25 knots, has been improving for the last several decades.

There are fast ferry makers in the United States, but their designs were not mentioned as being state-of-the- art in the industry. June , p October , p October , pp This information is primarily narrative, and includes discussions of trends in vertical and horizontal integration, industry growth and recent conditions, import and export markets, and price trends. In contrast to information provided in Chapters 2 through 5, Chapter 6 uses and presents information on individual 13 'Fast ferry and supply boat census ,' Fast Ferry International, vol 28 10, December , pp In general, boating participants tend to be middle-aged, white males in upper income levels.

Geographic distribution of boat registration also appears to be skewed towards several large states. This chapter contains four sections. Section 2. This section also presents information on "boater density," or the ratio of boat ownership to population. Here, data is presented on the classification of boats by age and type of boat.

The difference between the number of registered boats and the estimated total number of recreational boats is due to both state irregularities concerning the types of boats requiring registration and to boat types which all states commonly do not register. Of the total number of registered boats, The boat registration figure represents an increase of 2. Since , boat registration has increased at an average annual rate of 3.

Note also, from Exhibit , that the five year period from through has an average rate of growth of 2. Although both the specific variability within the five year period and the effects of the recession and of the imposed luxury tax are not fully known, nevertheless it appears that the lates was overall a period of increased boater activity in spite of the slow to growth in boat registration presented in Exhibit Specialists in Business Information, Inc. These states account for The complete ranking of all fifty states, along with their corresponding boat registrations for the years and , can be found in Exhibit This Exhibit also presents each state as a percent of the total nation.

Boat registration provides only one aspect of the geographic differences in boat ownership. The American Red Cross ARC has published a survey of the boating industry that further characterizes boating participants by state in terms of operators and non- operators. This exhibit presents boating participation rates in absolute numbers and also in relation to state population.

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Exhibit also presents boaters as a percentage of each state's total population and as a percentage of the total U. This former statistic indicates a state's "boater density," or how many individuals out of the state's total population participate. California, which ranks first in boaters as a percent of all boaters in the U. Alternatively, South Dakota, having relatively few boaters in absolute numbers, ranks first among the states for the rate of state boaters to state population.

This is intended to clarify the boating population's true demand for a boat by adjusting for the number of passengers a boat can carry. Passenger hours are computed based upon a boat's total hours of use as well as the number of boaters it carried during that time frame. Thus a one-person canoe in use all day for eight hours would register the same number of passenger hours as a cabin cruiser operated for only one hour of the day but carrying eight passengers.

Since boats typically hold more than one passenger, using passenger hours as a common denominator alleviates the need to separately list a boat's hourly use along with the number of individuals who used the boat. Boaters, and Accidents in the U. American Red Cross, Territories Totals , 30, , , , 80, , Rank 2. Rank 0. Boat ownership is defined by whether or not a household owns a boat. The 20 to 30 age group and the 31 to 40 age group log the most passenger hours with a total of 2.

In contrast, the 51 to 60 and Over 60 group log the least amount of total hours with a combined total of 0. These statistics tend to overstate the differences in boating use among different age groups. There is actually less variation among the average yearly outing of an active boater, across all age groups, than would be initially concluded.

Data on annual mean passenger hours per boater show a much smaller variation among boater age groups than do the total hours per year figures. For example, total hours per year ranges from 1. In comparison, total annual mean hours per boater only varies from Thus, using mean hours per boater tends to compensate for abnormally high logged hours for individual outliers within each age group. While the latter statistic shows a smaller variation among mean passenger hours per total boater in an age group, it does not determine whether the total number of observed boaters in each age group is indicative of the entire age group population.

Thus another way to analyze total passenger hours per year would be to compare it to the U. Census figures for each age group. The last column, in Exhibit , which lists the average passenger hours per-capita by age group based on total U. After age 50, however, there appears to be an appreciable diminution of passenger hours on a per-capita basis.

Thus, this statistic reinforces confidence in the smaller variations found using mean passenger hours per boater. Exhibit presents both the number of boaters utilizing a particular type of boat and a particular boat's associated annual passenger hours. These figures represent the sum of operator and non-operator passenger hours. Speedboats registered the highest number of boaters with a count of 18 million and the most passenger hours per year with a total of 1. In fact, boats that generally use engines - cabin sailboats, other open boats i. In addition, Exhibit gives a good indication of the intensity of use per individual boater for each type of boat.

The category, "other open boats" that includes such boats as bass boats used for fishing listed the highest mean passenger hours per boater. Thus a boater who used an "other open boat1 had, on average, a higher utilization rate spent the most number of hours on the boat of their boat over the year than did any other boater. This statistic is a good indication of a particular boat's intensity of use. Speedboats, which registered the highest number of boaters and passenger hours per year, ranked fourth in mean passenger hours per year. This indicates that although there are more speedboats and boaters and more hours of total speedboat use than any other category, each boater used their boat less frequently than did boaters in three of the other categories open boats, cabin cruisers, and cabin sailboats.

Notice that the regions with the highest total passenger hours were the Southeast and the Great Lakes with approximately 1. Together these two regions accounted for 59 percent of the nation's total hours. Also, boats that are generally associated with motors, cabin sailboats, inflatables, other open boats, speedboats, cabin cruisers, personal watercraft and others , accounted for over 90 percent of the total passenger hours.

The Pacific Coastal region recorded the lowest percentage of motorized craft passenger hours with Exhibit also presents annual mean hours per boater for each boat category as a measurement of an average boater's intensity of use for their craft. Open boats registered the highest annual mean passenger hours per year in the Southeast Coastal, Great Lakes and Central Plains regions. In contrast, catamarans registered the highest mean hours for the Pacific Coastal region, while cabin sailboats registered the highest mean hours per boater in the Rocky Mountain and Northeast regions.

Exhibit presents a breakdown of boating households by household income and size. These figures represent both boating households that own a boat and boating households that do not own a boat. At the upper income levels, the percentage of total boaters for each income range is greater than the percentage of the U. Exhibit reports the percentage of boat operators by both age and gender along with corresponding U. Census data for the same categories. For all age groups, the percentage of male boaters exceeded the corresponding U. Exhibit identifies the racial and ethnic characteristics of recreational boaters.

Over 90 percent of all boaters, both operators and non-operators were white, which exceeds the U. Ail other races accounted for only 6. The statistics show that the average age of the fleet is increasing over time a fact made more significant due to the increase in boat registrations during the 's. Over 58 percent of the total boat fleet is over seven years old. In fact, the average age of a boat in was 8.

Exhibit shows that non-motorized boats have a relatively old fleet, with 50 percent of the fleet aged between six to fifteen years. The age distribution of motorized boats has a similar age distribution pattern, with a few notable exceptions. The majority of motorized boats, speedboats, cabin sailboats and cabin cruisers are over nine years old. Age, 1 Avg. Watercraft Num. Age, Avg. Id Includes all pontoons and houseboats, which were listed separately on survey.

The chapter is presented in three sections. Section 3. Retail expenditures is defined by the National Marine Manufacturers Association NMMA as spending on "new and used boats, motors and engines, accessories, safety equipment, fuel, insurance, docking, maintenance, launching, storage, repairs and club memberships,"1 and GDP is defined in the Economic Report of the President as "the value of output produced by people, government, and firms in the United States, whether they are U. The exhibit also provides industry expenditures expressed in constant dollars and the producer price index used to convert from nominal dollars to constant dollars.

The producer price index as reported in the Economic Report of the President for durable consumer goods was used to convert expenditures into constant dollars, after conversion to a base year. The exhibit shows that, except for slight drops from to and to 1 ' Market Manual,' Boat and Motor Dealer. Transmitted to the Congress. February In terms of constant dollars, expenditures also reached their peak in , and then dropped to their lowest level since Marine industry retail expenditures as a percentage of GDP followed generally the same patterns - slight decreases from to and to , a steady increase from through , and a significant decrease from through Industry retail expenditures as a percentage of GOP change at a different rate than the amount of the expenditures, however, depending on the direction of the change increase or decrease.

When expenditures decrease, they decrease at a faster rate than the percentage of GDP, and when expenditures increase, they increase at a slower rate than the percentage of GDP. The reason for this difference in rate of change is that GDP is constantly increasing.

Marine industry retail expenditures as a percentage of personal income followed basically the same patterns as expenditures as a percentage of GDP. This is because the trend of personal income follows the trend of GDP. As mentioned above, one possible explanation for these trends is the economy as a whole. During the boom years of the mids, people had more disposable income to spend on boats, engines, and accessories, and during recession years there was less disposable income available.

Another possible explanation is the luxury tax that went into effect in January These larger vessels represent a significant share of the dollar sales of boats, so that tax-induced reductions in purchases could have led to disproportionate reductions in total expenditures. In other words, although the luxury tax may not have affected a large number of boats, nevertheless the dollar value represented by sales of boats affected by the tax may be a substantial portion of total marine industry retail expenditures.

This change in expenditures may explain the decrease in marine industry retail expenditures. That decrease may not be distributed throughout the industry however, but may instead be concentrated in the segment of small businesses that produces yachts. Further, during there was much speculation that the luxury tax would be repealed. This may have caused consumers to delay the purchase of larger boats, leading to an even further decrease in retail expenditures in The U.

Bureau of the Census reports sales for Standard Industrial Classification SIC code industry number , Boat Dealers, which, includes retail boat dealers, retail marine supply sources, retail motorboat dealers, and retail outboard motor dealers. Sales Trends Exhibit presents the retail value of sales of boats, engines and trailers from to Due to a lack of data for the retail value of sales data from and are incomplete , it is difficult to draw a complete picture of trends in the value of sales.

Exhibit presents the number of boats, engines and trailers sold from to This exhibit shows that sales of these items basically followed the same pattern as expenditures on the industry as a whole Exhibit Sales of boats sold increased somewhat from about , in to about , in , then fluctuated from through , reaching a low of about , Sales rose constantly from through , except for a small dip between and , reaching a high of about ,, 50 percent higher than sales. Sales of engines went through a similar pattern.

Sales of engines decreased by 35 percent between and , reaching a low of about , Sales rose constantly form through , except for a slight drop between and , reaching a high of , in , a 77 percent increase over sales. There was then a 43 percent drop from through , from , to , engines sold. Boating ," Chicago, IL, 19, National Marine Manufacturers Association, Chicago, There are certain qualities that several of these states possess.

For example, Florida, California, Texas, and Washington all have extensive coastal area. Maryland has significant coast along the Chesapeake Bay as well as some ocean coast. Minnesota has many lakes, and Michigan has significant coast along several of the Great Lakes. California, New York, Texas, and Florida have relatively large populations, and many of these states have relatively high per capita incomes.

Further, spending by state is similar to boat registration by state presented in Exhibit Boat Building and Repairing includes "establishments primarily engaged in building boats," but not those establishments "primarily engaged in manufacturing rubber and nonrigid plastic boats," or those "operating marinas and which perform incidental repair," or "membership yacht clubs," or 'those performing outboard motor repair.

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing aircraft engines Railroad and Miscellaneous Transportation Equipment. The figures show that these industries employ significant numbers of people. The total number of people employed in boat building and repairing has been increasing since , except for a slight decrease between and The number of production workers employed has followed a similar pattern. In the internal combustion engines industry, which includes more than just marine engines, employment has been steadily decreasing since , except for an increase between and In ship building and repairing, employment peaked in and has been decreasing since.

Bureau of the Census reports that 34, people were employed in The table shows that, of the 8, marinas in the U. Seven states California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Ohio have over manufacturers of trailers, accessories, and engines, and these seven states have 1, 53 percent of the 1, manufacturers in the U. Census of Manufacturers.

The three industries presented are the same three for which employment data are presented in Section 3. Geographic Area Series. United States. Source: National Marine Manufacturers Association. For each industry, figures are listed for the value added by manufacturer, the cost of materials, and the value of shipments. Value added is typically defined as the difference between an industry's sales and the purchased material inputs used in their manufacturing process. The value added concept is a more accurate way of determining an industry's contribution to the overall economy than one would infer by simply looking at the industry's gross sales since it indicates the value contributed by the manufacturing process.

Exhibit shows that the value added for the Boat Building and Repairing industry has tended to increase from to In addition, both the cost of materials and the value of shipments also tended to increase over the same time period. This trend is not as readily apparent for the other two industries. Corresponding values for both the cost of materials and the value of shipments follow a similar pattern over the same time frame, with the exception that between and these figures increased rather than decreased. The third industry, Ship Building and Repairing, followed a pattern similar to that of the Internal Combustion Engine industry.

A similar trend is seen for the cost of materials and the value of shipments. These figures increased during the years through , when they each reached a high for the period. Since , however, both of these figures have decreased. Both the tax and the uncertainty associated with speculation that it may be repealed may have caused consumers to delay purchases. It focuses primarily on the boat building industry, but it also considers the relationships between engine and boat manufacturers. Key points include the consolidation trends within the industry, common distribution channels, the number of participants and product differentiation.

The major emphasis in this chapter is on the market structure for recreational vessels, although limited information on the geographic distribution of larger ships is also presented. Section 4. The following sections discuss how consolidation has affected the industry and its participants. Despite the consolidation, overall competition within the industry is very high.

Although the top three boat companies account for about half of industry sales, more than independent companies compete for the other fifty percent of the market. Many companies have been cutting prices on older models in order to reduce excess inventory, thus increasing the level of competition. Engines may be custom tailored to the application and design requirements of individual vessels. September , Communication Channels, Inc. Government Printing Office, , p In their sales amounted to only 30 percent of boating industry sales.

In order to be successful, marine manufacturers must have good controls on production and inventory. However, manufacturers encounter great difficulties in production planning due to the high risk associated with seasonal and cyclical demand. For two recreational marine industry market leaders, Brunswick Corp. That is, they experience the effects of market shifts both directly through reduced demand for their own boats and indirectly through reduced engine sales to captive and independent boat manufacturers.

The September issue of Boating Industry magazine provided information on these two companies and how their acquisitions affected their roles in the industry. According to the article, Brunswick responded to Japanese price competition and a shift to much more aggressive marketing by boat manufacturers by acquiring the nation's two largest boat manufacturers.

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The acquisitions of both Bayliner Marine and Sea Ray were to ensure a captive market for its engines. Outboard Marine had the same idea when it acquired five boat companies in Vertical integration, coupled with yen appreciation, increased the two companies' combined outboard engine market share to almost 90 percent and stifled foreign competition. This merging has resulted in a trend of increased sales of boat packages boat, motor, and trailer and reduced demand for separately sold engines. In all pleasure craft dealers had record inventories, and a considerable thinning of dealer ranks marked the industry.

Mergers and acquisitions continued.

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Because of the increasing importance of economies of scale in the boating industry, mergers and acquisitions that consolidated either production or sales efforts, or both, increased the economic efficiency with which the industry operated, rendering it difficult for small manufacturers and retailers to keep apace.

As the industry consolidates, many smaller independent boat manufacturers have been bought. Alternatively, some have been forced to close down as a result of increased financial strain. Once they are acquired, such boat manufacturers are termed "captive" because the engine manufacturer has a captive market for its engines. Loss of contracts can have significant negative impacts on the market share and capacity utilization of marine engine manufacturers dealing with the expiration of contracts. The experience of 4 Diamond, Hal F.

In Brunswick lost the contract to supply outboard motors to Tracker Marine, an independent boat manufacturer. Outboard Marine, which won the Tracker Marine contract, subsequently lost the Bayliner Marine sterndrive contract to Brunswick in It may be postulated that Brunswick's acquisition of the Bayliner Marine contract benefited Brunswick by assuring that one less contract would go to a competitor.

For example, from to , OMC acquired all or part of 16 boat manufacturers. As one of the largest U. By pursuing horizontal integration, companies have been keeping competition high within the boating industry. These large firms are competing across broad ranges of boat types. The high level of competition adds to the pressure felt by small boat manufacturers, many of which face a choice between being bought or folding. In general vessels manufacturers produce shells and boat builders tend to install engines and accessories in vessels.

Boat building is therefore, a more highly labor-intensive craft, 5 Diamond, Hal P. The manufacturing of vessels, marine engines and most accessories is more production-line oriented. Outboard engines are manufactured almost entirely by marine engine manufacturers. Inboard and sterndrive engines, however, are manufactured starting with automobile engine blocks; most are supplied by General Motor's Chevrolet division, some are supplied by Ford Motor Company.

Marine engine manufacturers "marinize" these engines by installing heavier duty parts, such as bearings, piston rods, and valve seats, an may make other modification to make the engines more resistant to the marine environment. The manufacturing and sale of marine engines are dominated by a few relatively large companies with smaller companies constituting only a very small percentage of overall manufacturing and sales.

The primary manufacturers of various categories or types of marine engines are provided in Exhibit The data were not available for inboard engines. Exhibit provides flowcharts for three channels of distribution that appear to be most common in linking the supplier engine manufacturer to the end-user customer. The first flowchart illustrates a "parallel" flow of distribution that is typical for outboard motors and vessels that use them.

Manufacturers sell their products via distributors to specialized dealers although some manufacturers may skip the distributor phase. These specialized dealers in turn sell these products to customers. For outboard motors and boats, engines and vessels are commonly sold separately. As stated earlier, however, some manufacturers are packaging vessels and engines. Manufacturers of inboard and sterndrive engines are more likely to follow the "series" flowchart.

Inboard and sterndrive propulsion systems are primarily sold for installation in boat factories. Allweather Boats, Inc. Boat builders operating on a large scale or specializing in certain types of crafts may follow the lower route along the "series" flowchart instead. They will build the boat at one location and then sell it to dealers. This is the case with Harbor Master, Boating Corp. Increasingly, however, because of corporate consolidations and control of vessel and engine manufacturing by a few players, there is a trend toward sales of complete packages of boat, motor, and trailer.

The distribution network of an engine manufacturer that has acquired a boat manufacturer can be followed on the 'Vertical integration" flowchart at the bottom of Exhibit If the acquisition is of a boat manufacturer that sells at the manufacturing site, then the "Dealer" stage is incorporated into the "Company-Owned Boat Manufacturer" stage. Another possible channel results from an engine manufacturer's acquisition of a vessel manufacturer. The manufacturing generally continues to occur at two separate locations.

The "parallel" flowchart, with an "Company-Owned Vessel Manufacturer" stage, best describes this distribution channel. The number of boat industry dealers has fallen as demand for pleasure craft has decreased and the competitive market has greatly intensified. Boat dealers, boat builders, and industry service sectors, such as marinas, have all experienced decreased demand.

Currently, 50 percent of the boat dealers in the U. Because some boat dealers need cash to repay debts and acquire more current inventory, some purchasers have been able to buy at below dealers' costs. This decline in demand is changing the nature of distribution in the pleasure craft industry from one of "pulling" to one of "pushing. It is unclear whether this represents a permanent change in the distribution system. Many boats are purchased from local retailers which serve as agents or brokers for national and international boat makers and marine engine, trailer and accessory manufacturers.

According to the NMMA Boating Industry Report, 'the bulk of sales deliveries are from retailer inventories where it is common for dealers to offer the same boat model in a 11 Recreational Boating to Prior to the recent slump, the typical dealer received about 60 percent of its revenues from sales of new equipment; 20 percent from service; 10 percent from used equipment sales; and the balance from other sales. Markups from manufacturers' prices are typically 20 to 30 percent.

Domestic boat builders are on the leading edge of the world market. Combined with the movement of the industry's output to more cost effective producers, the industry will use its competitive position at the international level to strengthen foreign distribution channels in the upcoming years. Exhibit shows that the total number of all boat builders and repair services was 2, in It decreased by 7 percent in to 2, and by 5 percent more in to 1, It may be that the depressed demand for luxury boats contributed to this trend.

According to U. Industrial Outlook, "many luxury boat builders are small businesses that survive by selling one or two boats per year. It is a single physical location where production of products primary to an industry exceeds, in value, production of the products primary to any single other industry. Source: Specialists in Business Information, Inc. The exhibits provide both the estimated total number of establishments and the number of larger establishments those with more than 20 employees from which the Bureau of the Census acquired detailed information.

Single-establishment companies with up to 10 employees in the boat building and repair industry and those with up to 20 employees in the ship building and repair industries were excluded from the mail portion of the census.

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Also, states with fewer than employees are excluded. An establishment is usually classified in a particular industry on the basis of its major activity during a particular year. Thus production of the products primary to the respective industries in Exhibits and exceeds, in value, production of the products primary to any other single industry for the plants identified in the exhibits. Therefore, plants that may manufacture boats or other primary products in these industries as defined in Section 3. In Exhibit , data on the number of establishments in the boat building and repair industry as of are specified for 33 states.

Of the total 2, establishments in the United States, Florida had the highest number of establishments in the boat building and repairing industry among the listed states. California, Texas, and Washington follow; the four states combined account for nearly half of all establishments in the industry. Exhibit shows similar data for the ship building and repair industry as of ; data were available for approximately half of all the states.

California is the leading state among those listed, accounting for 13 percent of the establishments in the ship building and repairing industry. Value of shipments data in the boat building and repairing industry was available for only 9 states: Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington, and Wisconsin. For the rest of the states data were withheld in order to avoid disclosing data for individual companies; however, their data were included in the total value of shipments.

Similarly, in the ship building and repair industry, value of shipments data was available for only 8 states: Alabama, Florida, Missouri, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin. It appears that a large proportion of the remaining 85 percent can be accounted for by large shipments of certain states for which data was withheld in order to avoid disclosing data for individual companies. Department of Commerce, U.

S Industrial Outlook. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census. Department of Commerce. Government Printing Office, , pp For some small single-unit companies with up to 10 employees in the boat building and repair industry and those with up to 20 employees in the ship building and repair industry, value of shipments and other data were obtained from administrative records of other Government agencies rather than from census report forms.

These data were then used in conjunction with industry averages to estimate the items shown for these small establishments. This technique was also used for a small number of establishments whose reports were not received at the time data were tabulated. Product categories often overlap, thus making industry analysis even more difficult.

Numerous sources categorize different types of marine products, especially vessel types. The variation in product categories defined by several sources indicates that there are no standard product classifications. Exhibit provides numbers for various types of pleasure crafts based on the number registered in and In , the total number of registered boats was approximately 19 million. Speedboats accounted for the highest proportion of all registered boats in both years.

Exhibit provides classification of boats by horsepower and type of boat based on figures. The absence of absolute distinctions between categories in the recreational boating industry, as illustrated by Exhibit , is yet another factor adding to the complications involved with analysis of this industry. Although numerous cabin cruisers and speedboats operate with engines of over horsepower, even some rowboats and cabin sailboats operate with similar engines.

Census data provide another measure of the complexity and diversity of the industry. Exhibit provides the most specific data available on products as defined by the census. One feature of the data is that there is no overlap of product categories. Subtotal Boats, n. Boats, n. Total Year Num. Census also may have considered more specific product classification in Under outboard boats, for example, data on center consoles, bass boats, and pontoon boats was not collected separately in Some of this increase in value of shipments can be attributed to inflation.

Since 10 to 29 percent of the value of shipments for many product categories in Exhibit must be estimated from sources besides the census, we can infer that despite the trend toward consolidation in the industry, many companies still operate on a small scale. This is particularly evident among the sailboat companies in Census was forced to estimate more than 20 percent of the values for four of the five subcategories.

Exhibit includes data for many products in the listed categories. The "Self- propelled ships, U. The value of product shipments data for the ship building and repair industry appear to be fairly complete. The industry appears to have decreased over the period from to The vessel industry has a large number of distinct product categories that cater to very specific boating needs.

As discussed in previous chapters, the complexity of the industry limits the ability to draw specific conclusions or make detailed projections. Nevertheless, the available literature do suggest some potential long-term trends in the industry, including factors that may influence the structure and future growth of the industry.

Section 5. To insulate themselves from the competition, some engine builders, especially OMC and Brunswick, diversified, by integrating vertically into boatbuilding through a series of acquisitions. By , pleasure craft dealers had record inventories, leading to financial losses and closures among dealers. We will look in Italy, wewill look everywhere, but I will definitely not be wasting anymore time on Canada," he said.

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Where's the nearest cash machine? They will be there with their children, their girls, sisters, mothers, fathers. All families are there," Mohammed Attiya, an English teacher who splits his time between work and a sit-in outside Rabaa Al-Adawiya mosque, said Sunday evening.

Vankor,a key source of oil supplies to China, pumped an average ,bpd last month. Dempsey said this option would use force to establish safe zones inside Syria where the opposition could train and organize while being protected from attack by government forces. He said the cost would be over a billion dollars a month and could improve opposition capabilities over time. But the zones could become targets for Syrian attack.

I'm sorry, he's aqxpharma. Calls made to lawyers at Cleary's New Yorkoffices were not immediately returned. It's a bad line bghealthgroup. And then Zak gave Des a promise ring he'd bought in Atlantic City and told her he loved her.

Nutritional Guide for Premature Babies

At least Des gave him a real kiss this time. Australia's All Ordinaries also languished below the unchanged line throughout the session before closing 4. Most sector stocks declined, although material stocks saw modest buying interest. Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index closed at 22,, up Do you need a work permit? Leonard died Tuesday at the age of I hate shopping maybelline new york brow drama pomade crayon review More than half of those companies employ or more people across Ireland.

The militants have criticized Pakistan's democratic system, demanded the imposition of Islamic law and stipulated the government must end its alliance with the United States. Pinch-hitter Travis Hafner doubled with one out and went to third on a grounder. But he was stranded there when Brett Gardner hit a comebacker to Deduno. Looking for a job feminax express leaflet There's even a dusty avenue of corrugated tin shops dubbed the "Champs Elysees", where you can buy sweet ice-cream or sizzling kebabs, get your laundry done, buy a wedding dress - if you can afford it.

I pictured them Survivor-style, snuffed torch and leaving off the island. Thankfully, that's not what happens. They even have before and after pictures displayed in the gym. I bet this keeps the members who lost weight accountable and successful for the long haul.