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Why Do You Need to Write a Resignation Letter?

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You may be offered a counteroffer to entice you to stay. Be very wary of counteroffers. No matter how good it makes your ego feel to have your current employer respond with a counteroffer, most career experts advise against taking it. Whether the employer admits it or not, your dedication will be questioned, and once that happens, your time on the job is limited. You will be asked to do an exit interview. Most employers ask that all departing employees meet with someone from the human resources department for an exit interview.

Be careful to stay professional. Again, remember not to burn any bridges by saying anything negative or petty. You should take the time to write a letter of resignation to your current employer. The most important thing to remember when writing your letter of resignation is to be professional; there is no sense in making enemies before you leave a job.

Regardless of whether you loved or hated your job or your employer, the outcome should be the same: a short, polite, and professional letter stating your intention to leave. People leave their jobs for all sorts of reasons, and you certainly do not need to provide any details on why you are leaving the company. Resignation letters are a courtesy to your employer, so you simply need to state that you are leaving your current position to pursue other opportunities.

As you are composing your letter, remember that your job history follows you around. Doing so could come back to haunt you later in your career. When should you submit your letter of resignation?

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And to whom? Submit the letter or email to your direct supervisor, with a copy to your human resources office. In the first paragraph , state your intention to resign and give a specific last day of work. In the second paragraph , give a simple reason why you are leaving. Explain that you are relocating, taking another job, changing careers, or going back to school.

Resignation Letter Due to a Career Change: Tips and Examples |

In the third paragraph , thank both your supervisor and the company for the opportunities you had working for them. Be sure to end the letter on a positive note. One final note: Assuming you leave a job on a positive note, remember to contact your former supervisor and coworkers and give them your updated work contact information so that you can continue to keep them as a part of your job search network. This resignation letter ensuring smooth transition is intended to put the employers at ease with the situation and is written in a businesslike yet sincere style.

The assistant manager sending this letter gives all of her important information about leaving the job in a concise manner and remembers to sign and date the letter in the proper places. I am just sending this letter to let you know that unfortunately I will be resigning from my position as assistant manager at Smith Communications.

Although nothing bad has happened I am resigning for personal reasons. I appreciate your understanding. It is my plan to do all in my power to minimize inconvenience caused to anyone at Smith Communications by my resignation. I will put forth every effort to facilitate a smooth transition, including selecting and training a replacement to take over my responsibilities.

If any further discussion is needed in this matter, I hope I can look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

My telephone number is and my email address is [email]. Frame your story such that you do not air any dirty laundry or negative feelings. Leave those to late night banters with your bestfriends instead. Here are some reasons for resignation to fall back on if you do not have a good one:.

How To Write A Great Resignation Letter [10+ Samples & Templates]

Your boss may even encourage you to resign so you get to resume full-time learning. This is great for those who have been working in the same company for years. Bosses understand that being stuck in the same environment can stifle your personal and professional growth.

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They will empathize with your need to challenge yourself for your career progression. For those who are just one to two years in into the working world, you could inform your boss that you will like to get exposed to multiple work experiences and industries while you still can.

This can include anything from financial reasons perhaps, this company is not paying you as well as you would liked to be paid , personal reasons, family reasons and more. This is a broad and general statement. Prepare to get probed further if you use this as a reason for your resignation. Prepare some solid answers to let your boss see why you need to quit your job and get away from work responsibilities for awhile.

Here are two sample resignation letter templates you could use, whether or not you are planning to further your studies, or opting for a change in your career path. While this was a difficult decision to make, I would like to obtain further education, which I believe would help me in my career progression in future.