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A stubborn ninth-wicket stand between Jack Leach and Craig Overton offered England faint hopes of surviving but part-time spinner Marnus Labuschagne removed Leach before Overton was trapped lbw by Josh Hazlewood. England fought incredibly hard and Overton was exceptional and showed great courage," Smith said. Australia captain Tim Paine said it had been an emotional triumph, especially after England had snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in the third test at Headingley.

The noise they make here and the passion they have for cricket makes this moment all the more special. We're thrilled. This is what we came here to do. Buttler is not hanging about, though. He knows he nicked it and, to his credit, he was walking before the finger went up.

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It was the faintest of edges, though. Ali comes in and is almost quickly back to the pavilion, sending one in the air towards Hazlewood. However, the Australian is rooted to the spot and the ball doesn't carry, although some more active fielding there could have seen him make that catch. Ali then gets off the mark with a single. Ali looks to have settled fairly quickly at the crease, and he is already showing signs of being aggressive as usual.

He finds the boundary with a lovely drive off the bowling of Starc, but then is a little fortunate to get away with another one in the air. He clips the ball off his hip, but it is wide of Rogers and runs all the way for four more. I've just seen a replay of the umpire's reaction to that Buttler dismissal, and he was shaking his head giving not out before he saw the batsman walking away!

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Good sportsmanship from Buttler, and the Aussies will no doubt be making sure that Broad is aware of that. Just one off the last over.

A change in the bowling for Australia as Hazlewood comes back into the attack, and Cook hooks a short one to the boundary for four, despite mistiming his shot a little. Hazlewood then sends one far too wide that neither Nevill or first slip can stop, and that goes for four byes. Good, attacking play again from Ali as he sweeps a Lyon delivery out to deep square leg for four. That is all that comes from the over, but Ali certainly doesn't seem to be tempering his own style to suit England's needs here. Cook continues to creep towards triple figures with two flicked off to the leg side, leaving him on 83 from deliveries.

His patience almost cracks towards the end of the over, however, as he nibbles at one that he would usually leave well alone. He gets away with it, though, which takes us through to drinks. Ali begins the over with a single to bring Cook on strike, and the skipper hits his favoured cut to the boundary to add four more to the total. That is bread and butter for a player like Cook, and he hooks the next one away for a single too.

Ali adds one more off the final ball, leaving England runs short of the follow-on. Six more from the over, although four of those come via byes. Ali just tickled it down the leg side and the ball beat the keeper before running all the way to the boundary. Good running from England as Ali nudges one away into the off-side for a quick single to make it two for the over.

Ali is now on 18, while Cook is on 89 and looking comfortable.

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Maiden over from Marsh to keep England behind. At the other end, Nathan Lyon has been restored to the attack with just five overs until the new ball. Cook brings up the with a single on the leg-side, and that also takes him into the nervous 90s, which draws a ripple of applause from the Lord's crowd, and that applause turns into cheers when Ali casually hits Lyon for SIX straight down the ground. Brilliant shot. A straight push down the ground gives Cook two more, although the running on that occasion was a little reserved.

There was probably another one there had they really gone for it, but there is no need to run on the final ball of the over as Cook sends it away to the boundary to move to Ali mistimes one big hit but is fortunate that it doesn't carry to mid-off.

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He is caught on the pads a couple of balls later and the umpire says no, but Australia will review this one Hawkeye says that the ball was pitching in line and just clipping the stumps, but it is the umpire's call so the on-field decision stands. Let-off for Ali, and he makes the most of it by hitting the next ball for four. Big blow for England as Cook departs just four runs shy of his century. It is a very similar dismissal to that of Stokes, down to the same bowler getting the scalp.

Cook catches it with an inside edge and drags on to his own stumps before sinking to his knees in disappointment. A fine innings comes to an end, and it could be the beginning of the end for England. Broad plays and misses at one that goes through to the keeper, but the noise was bat on pad rather than bat on ball. A couple of deliveries later he completely misjudges a shorter ball, before seeing one more skip past the edge.

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Not exactly a confident start from every Australian's favourite Englishman. Ali hasn't come down the wicket much so far, but he really attacks Lyon here. The ball flashes past Lyon in the air and it will go down as a missed chance, although it would have been a superb piece of fielding had he caught it. The ball runs for four before Ali gets a single to put Broad on strike, but he can't get off the mark. It's time for the new ball, which means Starc and presumably Johnson will return to the attack now.

A single from Ali means that Starc will have a chance to go at Broad, who really is not looking comfortable out there at the moment. His timing and judgement are well off, and he is missing the ball by quite a distance. Johnson sends a short ball in towards Ali on the opening ball of the over, but the batsman deals with it well to pull the ball away for a single.

Unsurprisingly another bouncer follows to Broad, and he then finally gets bat on ball with a defensive shot. His first runs arrive on the final ball of the over, and a mistake in the field sees him pick up two. TEA: Ali fends a short ball off for a good three runs, meaning that once again Broad is in the bowler's sights. He seems to be easing into it a little now, though, picking up two more of his own. Four more byes arrive as Nevill can't reach a bouncer that flies over his head, and Broad picks up a single to cap off an expensive over.

That's tea. England are still going at tea, then, which will please the hosts. They have batted pretty well today and, while Stokes and Cook both fell short of their centuries, they have played a pivotal role in keeping England in this one. They are still 82 away from avoiding the follow-on. The initiative in the match as a whole is still certainly with Australia, but England have done well to salvage something after the first two days. They still have a long, long way to go, but their position is a lot stronger now than it was yesterday evening.

Mitchell Marsh is the man who has done the most damage from a bowling point of view today, taking two key wickets both via drag-ons. Stokes went for 87 just before lunch following an important partnership with Cook, while the skipper himself was also dismissed by Marsh.

The wicket of Buttler is the other one to have fallen so far today, although he may not have gone had he not been so honest. Buttler was on his way back to the pavilion before the umpire gave him out, although in all likelihood Australia would have succeeded on appeal. There have been one or two other notable incidents throughout the day, including a catch from Nevill that was ruled not out on review.

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The wicketkeeper did brilliantly to get to the ball, but there was contact with the ground despite him having it under control in his hand. It was a very close call, but it went the way of the hosts. At the crease for England now are Moeen Ali and Stuart Broad, the former of whom has enjoyed a good spell with the bat so far. He is playing some nice shots and looks comfortable, which is certainly more than what can be said for his partner out there. Broad made an unconvincing start to his innings, but is finally off the mark now.

Three from the opening over of the session, and encouragingly for England Broad looks to be timing the ball a lot better now. He wants to come back for two on the final ball, but Ali just wants the one. Close to a breakthrough for the tourists as Broad gets the ball just over Warner at point.

There was nothing the fielder could have done about that, although they do prevent it from going for four as Broad settles for two. A half-appeal follows later in the over, but the ball was going down leg and the umpire shakes his head. This is more like it from Broad! He clubs one away for a quick couple, before ending up in a heap on the floor having pulled another for a single.

Hazlewood gets the big wicket of Ali, leaving England's tail fully exposed now. It looks out in normal time, but Ali chooses to appeal. He doesn't look entirely convinced himself, and the review shows that it was as plum an lbw as you will ever see. Halfway up middle stump, in line. In comes Wood, and he successfully sees out the over. England now need 73 to avoid the follow-on - can Broad, Wood and Anderson make it? Broad notches up three more runs to add to his tally, which now stands at Wood gets off the mark himself on the final ball of the over, sending one over the top that the fielder just can't prevent going for four.

That also sees England bring up their Attacking play from Broad as he dispatches one to the boundary after Hazlewood had sent it down a little wide. He misses another attempted slog later in the over, however, and I suspect that it may not be too long before his gung-ho approach sees his knock come to an end. These are important runs to add to the total, though. It's Wood who goes first as he also tries swinging at a Hazlewood delivery. The ball knocks over his off stump, and Wood is on his way back to the pavilion having made just four runs. Only Jimmy Anderson to come for the hosts now, with 61 needed to avoid the follow-on.

Maiden over from Johnson, despite Broad looking to attack pretty much every single delivery. He can't connect with any of them, though, and England remain on Jimmy Anderson gets himself off the mark with a four, punching the ball down the ground to draw big cheers from the Lord's faithful.

He then nudges another away for a couple more to claim six off the over. England are bowled all out for , leaving Australia with a commanding first-innings lead. Clarke has the choice whether to enforce the follow-on, but he decides against it, sending his openers in to get ready. The Aussies will have another bat as they look to further extend their run advantage. Broad was the last man to go, edging a Johnson delivery to the slips, where the sub Marsh took it very well.

It looked for a split second like it might just fly between the two slips, but Marsh made a good grab. A job well done by Australia since lunch in particular today.

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There is still plenty of time to go in this Test, with Australia having the final couple of hours this evening and then two more days to close out the victory. That is why Clarke has decided against enforcing the follow-on, giving his bowlers time to rest before they look to rip into the England lineup again. England are out and ready for their stint back in the field. It will be interesting to see how the Aussie batsmen approach this session. I'd expect them to be fairly attacking with such a big lead already. It will, of course, be Warner and Rogers to get us underway for Australia's second innings.

Jimmy Anderson, meanwhile will open up the bowling Australia get off the mark with Rogers getting a couple off his hip.

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That will bring Warner onto strike against Broad, and I think we can expect some shots to be played here Maiden over from Broad to start his session off, with Warner making a slower start than expected. Lovely shot down the ground for four from Rogers, but Anderson responds with a fine delivery that just beats the edge on the very next ball.

Anderson very nearly gets an early wicket as Warner edges it to slips, but Lyth goes for it with his hands the wrong way and drops a big chance. Broad finally gives up his first runs of his spell as Rogers flicks him away for three, with Ali racing after it to prevent a boundary. That is followed by another two from Warner, who will be keen to take full advantage of his let-off in the last over. A short one from Anderson ties Rogers up in knots as he ducks to get out of the way of it and just about manages to avoid being hit.

He is gifted an extra run later in the over courtesy of a misfield from Ali, before dismissing another short ball for four at fine leg. Good over from Broad as he troubles Warner with a few deliveries and claims a maiden in the process. It has been a relatively solid start from both the bowlers and the batsmen here.

Positive running from Australia as Rogers scampers for a quick single off the opening ball of the over. There is no need to run later in the over, however, as Warner produces a lovely cover drive for four. Anderson responds with a good ball to finish the over, but it just flies past the edge. Rogers is looking in pretty good shape again in this second innings, which doesn't bode too well for England considering the damage he did in the first. He flicks one off his hip for a single and, having been put back on strike, punches one down the ground for three more.


It's time for a bit of spin for England. For Australia captain Tim Paine, appointed after star batsman Smith was stripped of the job following a ball-tampering scandal that also saw him given a month ban, it was a particularly sweet success following his side's shock one-wicket loss in the third Test at Headingley.

Jos Buttler, England's last recognised batsman, faced balls either side of tea, making 34 when crease occupation was the order of the day. But his patient vigil ended with a misjudgement that saw him bowled playing no shot to a Hazlewood ball that cut back to hit off stump.

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Jofra Archer was soon lbw to off-spinner Nathan Lyon yet more than an hour later Overton and Somerset teammate Jack Leach, promoted to No 10 after his last-man heroics helped England win at Headingley, were still there. But part-time leg-spinner Marnus Labuschagne succeeded where Australia's frontline bowlers had failed by turned one out of the rough to have Leach caught at short leg by Matthew Wade, with England now The match was a triumph for Smith, the world's leading Test batsman, who has now scored runs in the series at an eye-watering average Australia coach Justin Langer added: "We've got the best fast bowler Cummins in the world and the best Test batsman in the world.

England, resuming on their overnight , got through the first hour of the last day without losing a wicket. But when Ben Stokes, whose superb not out had sealed the stunning win at Headingley, fell for just one shortly before lunch, England were floundering at England captain Joe Root praised his side for taking the game deep into the fifth day, saying: "I am really proud.