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Daily Word Search. Mah Jong Quest. Subscribe Top Menu Current Issue. World of durians: Gasik not only tells stories about farmers and vendors, but she also documents durian varieties in delicious detail. Part of her mission, she says, is to hunt down durian varieties that are often overlooked. Digging in: Of the some registered varieties in Malaysia, Gasik would guess that she's tasted at least 65 over the past 10 years. In Thailand, she's sampled about 65 of types. Tried and tested : "There are durian that taste like coffee, milk chocolate, white chocolate, coconut cream, whisky, wine Some even taste like banana rum.

Diverse durians : Durians are wildly diverse, not just in terms of variety, but also in the local cultures and practices that surround them.

Library stink: smell of durian prompts evacuation at University of Canberra

The right cut: In Thailand, people prefer to eat durian a little bit early to give them a longer shelf life and a starchy, sweet flavor with hardly any aroma at all. Just like custard: In Malaysia, meanwhile, people prefer to let the durian ripen fully on the tree and drop naturally to the ground. At that point, the pH has dropped, the fat content has increased, and the aromatic bulbs inside will smell more strongly of sulfur as they ripen, she adds. On the nose: "The typical stinky egg and onion sulfur smell comes out in later stages of ripeness and, often, the smell wafting up and down streets is really the rotting shells," she adds.

A lifelong adventure: For Gasik, durians really have changed her life.

Library stink: smell of durian prompts evacuation at University of Canberra

Even at the height of the Cold War, Americans preferred to build shelters in their own backyard in domestic conditions, far removed from the collective hell of the subway. The two systems will never see eye to eye: they belong to different civilizations — one horizontal, the other vertical. Not by accident were the main heroes of Soviet life — the miner and the cosmonaut — detached from the Earth's surface. But America's idol — the cowboy on his trusty steed — could only perform his daring exploits with boots and hooves in contact with terra firma.

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America and Russia as seen from underground Culture. Jan 09 While London celebrates the th anniversary of the opening of the first subway on Jan. Russian history Soviet Union customs transportation read russia! Subscribe to our newsletter! Get the week's best stories straight to your inbox.

Durian - The World's Smelliest Fruit - The New York Times

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